Zwift holiday run

in the zwift holiday run event at 15.30 pm I got ZP in the classification?. There is some reason for this. I have a video of myself of the event to confirm the times. My video



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It’s the same for everybody.

but there are some with results and others, not. would have to claim all together.

My result isn’t on there either but I only did it for the Jersey so it matters not to me.

What’s causing you concern that you don’t feature?

hombre cualquier resultado siempre suma. Es como si hubiera hecho trampas con este signo ZP. Siempre limpio y con datos se afronta los resultados.

This is fixed now.

finally in all my Zp tags they have fixed my results in zwiftpower.
Great, Great, News

Thank you for reaching back! Sorry for any inconvenience with your results tagged as ZP.

After reviewing the data, we have made the appropriate changes to the result. Please allow up to 24 hours to apply the changes on your account.

If you have more questions, please let us know.

Ride On.
Beata N
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