Zwift hardware plans are on pause

stopped there soz


same, i have no desire to see advertising


MyWoosh is a serious competitor. The Emigrates have a well funded real world team and they hired former employees. Marketing for any organization is just as important as product design, product development, product integration, product sales, and product improvement.

I am not a software programmer. I can look at the Application Programming Interface and tell you, well, this feels like the Unity Engine, or this feels like the Unreal Engine. Zwift feels like the Unity Engine and I think was built up in house. The benefit and challenge, when you build in house, you are allocating internal resources over paying license fees. If another Graphical API catches up, like the Unreal Engine, and the hardware suddenly leaps forward, like Cheap Graphics Cards, suddenly your competitors can close the gap in prospective markets, and leaving you to fall financially behind.

Zwift is fundamentally modelled on gamifying bike racing, or training, or riding a bike with or against others. The system is not the Sims or Animal Crossings. You cannot visit a coffee shop in Zwift, or ride to the store, and you cannot build your own island.

I think Animal Crossings New Horizons is at 40 million units sold world wide. It’s a $50 game where kids spend hours interacting and making small menu driven choices that aggregate through a computerized system with a superimposed graphical interface. I did the math on that one, 40 million units x $50 = $2 Billion.

This is exactly what Nolan Bushnell said was happening at Atari. He said very clearly, what they were doing, you see they code this machine which is just a set of drop down choices, or menus, and they put graphics on top of it. Those who play the game, they get this virtual in game experience, but in reality, the software is just a set of computerized menu structures, an interface.

MyWhoosh looks like they are simply copying the menu driven structure of Zwift with an licensed graphical interface. They seem to be building their platform up in the bike racing space to support the real world Emigrates UAE Team as a secondary marketing experience. I think their idea, offer real world dollars for racing competitors to build an inclusive and modern brand that appeals to men, women, children, and families. From my perspective, the success of these teams are all about marketing. The key to a successful bike team over time seems to be naming-right sponsorship. Lose your sponsor, now matter how hard your athletes work in training, lose your team.

I’ll do anything to circumvent ads and I’m a Top Person.


I think FIFA/Electronic Arts demonstrated success from what I understand with Bidstack: “We are the ClearChannel of video games,” says founder James Draper. “Games are landlords, and we are the media owner.” E-sports especially are dependent on the monetization of advertising on the platform. In game side advertising that is subtle is not intrusive, you are playing the game, and the side boards and virtual advertising space are not a big deal. Perhaps a rider might have a shirt with advertising, perhaps not, perhaps the players can choose their favorite brands, then it is player selection. As Ken Arrow pointed out in his research on information theory and welfare economics, why get dragged down by the majority when the optimal market position of information might be different individual preferences all somehow aggregated as a community solution using cardinal values and not simply ordinal voting preferences. In this case, the cardinal rule would be, the company makes a ton of money, and shares the benefit with users as subscribers by lowering subscription costs or the ability to constantly underwrite new features including varied terrain and fantastic world building.

My opinion - the word “important” is wrongly placed here… “The advertising is an important way that products are communicated to the public” seems correct?

Or my understanding of important is completely different than that of the marketing people :thinking:



If Apple cannot communicate new features then nobody will buy I-phones, and if Apple cannot partner with other organizations, then it will not have a very vibrant ecosystem, and the App Store would have failed. Advertising is important in the American economic system, but was not important in the Soviet system. In the Soviet system, censorship was important.

Zwift can design a system of opt in and opt out, one click, and all the advertising on blimps, bill boards, etc, shirts, can be just flat Zwift graphics, another click, it is turned on. Perhaps those who agree to turn on the system eventually will get the system for free, as they wind up attracting more than $15 a month of revenue, thus subsidizing those who pay $15 per month. Also, it would be cool if kids in high school could design a shirt in Zwift, they ride around in that shirt in Zwift, and they pay to have the shirt printed, and they wear that shirt in school.

Cross media exposure is extremely important in the real world or you run the risk of MySpacing your organization. People still use MySpace, mostly musicians, but the organization, once the leader in social networking now is essentially forgotten. How MySpace went from #1 to practically none, hard to imagine, but I believe it was because they had an overwhelming narrow audience focus compared to Facebook that was extremely broad and grew exponentially.


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Gary, I believe you work in marketing?

Is not necessary to enlighten me about advertising, I know it is important - not only in American system. But everybody knows how much false information and outright lies we are fed.

Talking about Soviet system - I lived in if for more than 30 years.

Ride on (preferred without advertising)!


Privacy should be the default, period. If a customer chooses to share their personal information for something they perceive as providing a reasonable value in exchange they can choose to do so. I don’t believe in opting out of sharing my personal data- it’s mine to choose to share, not a company’s to take.

When a company’s business model depends on advertising, they ultimately erode the privacy of their subscribers to serve their advertisers- who end up being the company’s ultimate customer. And let’s get real- companies don’t use money raised from advertisers to subsidize subscription fees, they use it to bolster their bottom line and satisfy investors.

There is a fundamental difference between using data to improve the user experience and monetizing it for use by would be advertisers.


Fully agree.

If my data were to be sold to third parties, I would close my current Zwift account and open another using a guerilla email address with fake name, location, age, and even gender.

Because screw those data vultures, that’s why.


Apple could release the same phone every year and just increase the number by 1 and people would buy it!

Without looking what was different on the last one compared to the one before?


what the squares

The only explanation i can think of is someone is training an auto text bot and testing it on this forum!


I’ve flagged him two days ago.

My data is my data no matter where I am and I should decide if and how it’s used. No amount of theoretical gobbledygook will change that.

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Just wait til they let it loose in the chat near the Coco blob.


Andreas reincarnated


Looking at their posts on other topics too either they have far far too much time on their hands or they’re just some spam bot that is going to fill the forum with endlessly long posts recommending certain products to people.


Joined Zwift May 1st.
Probably 0 miles rode.
10,000 words posted.

… and the hope Zwift will direct “zero mileage” posts to “new users” section (or disallow them completely) is yet to materialize.

@Zwift. Sigh.

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