Zwift Hard Crash to Desktop (No error) - Win10 after 3/18/2021

Ah, good to know it might still be there. I’m not sure I was even hit by the chat bug, it might’ve been this all along — ntdll.dll is unfortunately just a collection of all of the native function calls, so very different bugs could end up surfacing that as the entry point.

Suitably jinxed, crashed typing a chat message yesterday. So this is fun!

Thanks for posting … I think I’ve had Zwift crash twice mid-ride in the past five years until last Saturday, when it crashed during our Saturday Social Ride when I was leading it … and then it happened again today. Both times I was typing and yes, knowing me, I probably was near the limit of how many characters you can type.

I am too worried about having it crash a third time while I’m leading to use my PC again, so I’ll use my Mac next week, but THIS BUG IS REALLY BAD FOR GROUP RIDES – it makes your volunteer leaders extremely sad. PLEASE FIX IT!!!

OP Here, haven’t been keeping up but definitely not fixed after last patch. Here’s my theory:

  • It happens when you go beyond the character limit BY BACKSPACING / fixing typos.

Usually I’m typing, while hunched over, and typos galore so I’ll backspace/fix words, etc. I think what may be happening is some sort of hard ‘character cap’ and the type/delete/retype is hitting some overflow in the character limit behavior. The times this has happened I’ve definitely done that a lot. I’ll have to test it out when I’m not in a group ride or race, but if anyone else wants to give it a go, just tap “M” and start typing/erasing/typing/erasing while riding and see what happens.


I came to the same conclusion as I can crash zwift quickly with text scripts using BS to delete and cycle messages with the text box open.

This is a re-type from another thread.

Very frustrating to see that this is still an issue.
As a ride leader, its critical not to get booted from an event, due to being social.
I host the DBR Endurance ride every Thursday and Zwift has crashed on me in almost all of them in the past couple of months. Some I have been “lucky” that I’ve been booted early enough to get back as late join.
Yesterday it happened at 29 mins into the ride. I dont hold back. I send quite a few messages. I have started to keep them short (or shorter), but little does it help.
Zwift wants every ride to have a ride leader. But its really frustrating when you, as a ride leader, get booted for doing your job.
It seems to be OK, when I only use the Companion App for chatting. But I think that may be because I really keep the messages short. Really dislike chatting on the ipad.
I do plenty of other events without issue. But on those I dont blabber away continously.
Please Zwift, get some focus on these devastating bugs.

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PC, high-end.

My recent crashes have all had two specific components, neither of which alone seems to cause crashes.

  1. Graphics freeze
  2. Typing in the in-game message box

There are occasional freezes in the graphics (and have been as long as I remember) — essentially, for a second or two there’s a freeze. This is maybe once, twice in a session, not super common. Occasionally the hitch even kicks me to desktop but does not crash zwift.exe. (There is no sensor or network issue detected during these freezes.)

I can also generally type just as much as I like, backspace and everything.

However, if I am typing when there is a graphics stutter, it crashes zwift.exe.

This obviously doesn’t help avoid the crash since the graphics freezes are seemingly random-ish, but might point to a place to start debugging* if other folks can confirm this pattern happens for them too.

On the other hand, it’s perfectly possible that this graphics freeze is not related to the non-crashing ones, and is just a symptom of something that happens when typing — but only sometimes when typing. I haven’t found anything specific, not message length, not backspace, nothing, that would reliably do it. Which is why I wonder if it could be specifically the combination of the two things.

* A simplistic, hypothetical explanation would be that the text buffer or some object related to chat within the rendered scene gets moved or destroyed because of the freeze but the keyboard input is still trying to access the now-invalid memory.

Anybody seeing something like this?

As it is, I can’t currently sign up to lead/sweep rides because I can’t be sure I won’t crash (and obviously not chatting is not an option for beacons).

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Same here :exploding_head:
Had 2 Zwift crashes on Vikings Valhalla Sunday Skaal ride which I’ve been leading. So no fun at all! Sent in the error report to Zwift support! Will connect my Bluetooth keyboard to Companion App on tablet and try it like that :roll_eyes:

Mine is crashed after updated to version with Makuri map. I wondering it is a computer with specific hardware lead to crash.

checked by zwift Team, jst guide my update graphic card driver.:point_down:(send crash logs to support)
tested NOT cause by win10 restricted folder access function either.

Another one of these here today as well, graphics stutter + typing (something along the lines of “go go go”) while leading a ride, w10 whatever.

As good a reminder as any to pause the subscription for the summer…

I have the same issues last two days (never before). Zwift just suddenly closes and that is it. I had companion app on on my phone both times and was messaging in the desktop version. Maybe there is something wrong with that combination.

Latest update on my side changed the behavior a bit, yesterday crashed, wasn’t typing or anything.

Today’s crash I never launched or opened companion to eliminate that, 48min in, crashed. No typing or anything.

I never get the graphical studder others have mentioned

Happened again today for me leading the DIRT Friday 7AM B-Category ride. About 1hr in, was typing a response about … something and boom, right to desktop. Someone mentioned above that autohotkey and other actions may do it. While I don’t use a tool, I do type very fast and wonder if that’s part of the problem. Unsure what to do to escalate, feeling like a support ticket will just kind of fall into the ether. @shooj > should I append this to an existing bug thread for visibility or anything? Happy to gather more info and/or work with someone directly on the technical side of things via logs and such.

The updated text input system is not as robust as it used to be. Try not to use the backspace key if you need to delete part of the message. Best practice would be to hit esc instead and type the whole message again.

Good point, and I’m pretty sure most times I was backspacing a bit just because I’m usually pivoting off to the side to type, while pedaling. Today that was the case for sure, as I couldn’t quite spell any word properly on the first go.

@feltymat | @rue | @Morten_Jarlund_DBR | @Steve_Clogg_PACK_LEA | @Maggie_Kean

So, process of elimination so far | crashed again today:

  • Companion App not launched (still crashed)
  • Typing vs. no typing (still crashed though less often when typing less)
  • Windowed vs. Full Screen (Still crashed)
  • Multiple PC’s (both Nvidia) - (Still crashed)
  • Removed RTX voice drivers (hunch, didn’t work)

Are any of you using external / bluetooth or wireless keyboards, more notably an all-in-one like the Logitech K400 w/ a touchpad?

I can only make it crash via AHK scripting otherwise its now rock stable. What error is recorded in the event log?

I’ve been using a bluetooth keyboard (Logitech) without touchpad and a bluetooth mouse.

  1. typed via companiona app on bluetooth keyboard → no more crash
  2. changed pc and plugged in wired keyboard → no more crash
    Will report if any crash occurs again
    Ride On! and Skål!

USB keyboard. (And no scripting.)

I think coinciding with your observation, the more random (no typing) crashes returned with a recent update. I’ll have to try and update all drivers and whatnot and try again.

Fwiw, while the new input system may not be entirely reliable, it seems unlikely that it would be the reason for the process crash. It’s still probably the graphics layer. But oh well…

I have usually kept Zwift around for the summer to do a ride or two a week, but at this point if I’m 50/50 I can complete a ride, I think I’ll cancel until weather turns.

Cheapo Bluetooth keyboard and Logitech wireless trackball here, no scripting. Sounds like I should try pairing the keyboard to the phone instead and using Companion for messages, guess I’ll try that when my subscription resumes…