Zwift Group Workouts

Just checked again and they’re back on again for Sunday, but not Monday or Tuesday :rofl::woman_shrugging: who knows what’s going on with them?!?

The next week is up! Apologies for the delays - we are hosting thousands of group events on a weekly basis. People are behind all of these and our queue has been quite full as I’m sure you can understand.


Hi Mark,

Thx for responding / sorting this out.

I recently did the UCI Worlds Rides where they played an interview with former world champion over the Zwift audio in game , it worked really well

Got me thinking that could something similar in group workout , ie motivational voice messages or even have a DJ with hi energy music in time with the workout blocks.

A Bit spin class / Peleton so will prob get a torch burning mob complaining about it, but think it would be a fun option and would def make experience more engaging (for some :wink:

Ride On !


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Love the idea - keep 'em coming. We’ve been playing around with this on some test rides at the “office” (virtual, obviously). We definitely see the possibility to do this content streaming over the group workouts.

Thank you!


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Hi Mark, Group workouts have dropped off again, there’s nothing appearing after 7.10 am GMT Saturday 19th December…? Why does this keep happening?


I’m with Jeanette. Where have the group workouts gone (again…)?

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Mark has a 1-day memory. We need to remind him daily to set the group workout schedule.

I’m sure there’ll be a long term solution in the pipeline, but meanwhile it’s not an ideal situation.

@Mark_Cote_ZHQ, please reinstate the Zwift Group Workouts :pray:

Zwift is fun but unfortunately they are unable

  1. to fix many basic problems
  2. to communicate adequately

I don’t know what held this up but we’re on it. Thought we fixed this last week, apologies to this team of awesome workout Zwifters!

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I’m in central USA timezone. 0530 to 0630 start times work best for me assuming 60 minute workouts. Thanks!

@Mark_Cote_ZHQ I have a question?
Will there be an agenda or something like that?
I mean I want to train next Tuesday at 19:30 what is there to do? now I have to keep going one tab and then scroll through the times and events.

@paul_schoone, hiya. To be fair it’s just taken me less than 20 seconds in events to see that there is a group workout available at 19.40 next Tuesday?
Unless I’m missing something?
Anyway, hope that helps, all the best!

Hey Paul,

The Events page on and Zwift Companion App are currently built to help you find events near to the current time. Your feedback on scheduling is welcome and heard - many of us feel this way as well.

Our friends over at Zwift Hacks have a really nice events page that is filterable by date and it’ll help you find events farther into the future.


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Hi @Mark_Cote_ZHQ and Happy New Year. Thanks for sorting out the group workouts for us, it seems everything is back on track. The only reason I’m now contacting you, is just to point out that the workout event schedule now appears to be the same workouts appearing on the same days at the same times. I only noticed this as I tend to do a workout on similar days at similar times and the same ones keep appearing (or they have for the last 3 weeks) and I’d like to try some different ones. For example, Orange Unicorn is appearing every Friday at 7.25am GMT, Spaded Sweetie every Friday 9.20am GMT and so on…the same workouts, same times on every day. I’m more than happy with the workouts that you’re putting on, but it would be great if you could mix them up a bit! Hopefully it can be sorted?

Thanks for all your help Mark.

Hi @Mark_Cote, Wondering if you have any updates you can share, specifically about training plan flexibility and removing the restrictive timing between workouts?

Specifically the blackout period between workouts is in our dev builds right now. A bit of QA work to verify all of it works right, but starting in the March release (3rd week of March) this should be live. We changed all training plans to start on Mondays, each week ALL workouts would be available, and we would give an 8 hour block out between workouts to support a window of recovery but still allow you to do one workout on an evening and the next workout that next morning.

There have been requests around pausing training plans and we want to do this as well, but it’s a deeper amount of tech required to get it done. No timing on this one yet.




Thanks so much for the update! That sounds like it will solve a lot of users frustrations with training plans.

Keep up the good work Mark!

This is all thanks to Coach Shayne Gaffney that’s been working his tail off on this and on some all new Workout content that will be hitting on a monthly basis now. We’re spooling up a lot more new workout content that will hit each release. Stay tuned!



The Group-Workouts are terrific… but the metrics become completely skewed out of reality as a result of the “keep-together” rubber-banding algorithm. As a result, in order for me to keep accurate tally of my metrics, I must AVOID this fun option. Consider creating group workouts where the ride participants will have accurate metrics (especially speed and distance), reflecting their actual output, while still combining the pleasant banter and group chats that are present in a group setting. All group workouts, whether organized by Zwift or others, are categorized in this E zone - which is a definite NO-GO area for anyone who is tracking their actual ride data without the artificial distortions introduced by “keep together”. We can be “together” in many ways… but don’t harm my speed or distance metrics.