Zwift "glitching" when in a large pack of riders - can not move up

Hi. Twice - while I have been racing Tick Tock - in a very large field of riders - it seems as though the riders are “glitching” or moving around - and when this occurs, I drift back in the pack and no matter how many watts I am putting out - it is impossible for me to move up in the pack. When the glitching stops - I move up - when it starts - I drift back. This is occurring despite the fact that my watts displayed seem accurate (so I am not having a signal drop). And this only seems to happen when the field is very large. Any thoughts?

Yes when there is so many riders on the screen your device has to work a lot harder to calculate their position and to draw them.

What device are you using?

Maybe put your log file in

Thank you Gerrie. I am using Apple TV.

But aside from the riders “glitching”, will this also have the impact of slowing my relative speed even though my displayed watts appear to be accurate. When this glitching occurs in a large pack of riders, it seems like my relative speed or ability to move up is stuck, despite my displayed watts being accurate.

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maybe the draft is completely gone at the moment you start drifting back?

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