Zwift Gameland - Bike Through Hell

With world selection, I propose a Zwift game land where riders are challenged through levels of game play. Coin Rush and Paper-Boy were fun and popular.

Perhaps these ideas can inspire the design of a Zwift game - The Nine Levels of Doom (or Bicycle Hell)

Level 1 has road hazards, broken glass, that can cause a tire puncture where the rider’s speed is slowed. The rider would need to stop and enter the usual menu to change wheels, then continue.

Riders in the opposite direction through all nine levels may cause havoc to you as well. (Electric zapper or Freeze ray)

Level 2 has bridges, specifically See-saw bridges (like some mountain bike trails) that tilt and open for one direction at a time. You would have to wait for the bridge to lower, then it would take at least two riders to get across. 

Level 3 has timed sections (like Alp du Zwift) where riders must finish before the chasing hell-hounds (which act like a pacer one must beat)

Level 4 has feathers and boulders power-ups and auto triggers. It is a hilly area. The feathers can help you up hills and the boulders going down. But naturally an auto boulder going uphill will really slow you down.

Level  5 has train crossings. You will be shown the time or speed needed to beat the closing gate.

Level 6 has alternating switches or paths. Switches set you on one of two paths. One may be a short, straight path; the other a ride around various features. Sort of like those miniature penalty laps in Biathlon. Another switch may force you to go over a hill rather than a flat path around it. Picture a large traffic circle with a path straight through the center. A tunnel rather than going over the hill. (Like going around the Volcano or sent through the Esses.)

Level 7 has the Winds of Hell.  Headwinds and Tailwinds will continue to batter you, at times pushing you along at break-neck speeds. At other times, like the wall of Kona winds that virtually paralyze your motion.

Level 8 has a maze (like Pak-man), the maze of the Minotaur. One must navigate through maze-like pathways set off by tall brick walls. But beware of turning into the Minotaur’s lair, a dead end that will cost you.

Level 9: You’ve finally reached the deepest level.  Based on your FTP wattage, a selector will assign you a percentage of your FTP and a length of time. Sort of like a random workout section. You could get 10 minutes at 90% or 5 minutes at 110%.

If successful, you will cross the River Styx and become a Zombie rider, able to haunt other riders in hell as you ride back toward the start.