Zwift Game Update: July 2, 2019

Anyone else see this at all?

I don’t think so. I have a Kickr Gen 1, but no cadence sensor. Zwift seems to estimate my cadence and displays a value for it. Sometimes the value seems reasonable and sometimes it’s way off. I am certain that the value is not coming from the Kickr.

@Danny_Peters @Aaron_Zwanzig

Zwift will provide an estimated cadence if there is no cadence sensor paired. Thus, your avatars little legs will go round and round. In my experience, sometimes the estimated cadence is spot on, sometimes it is off by a mile.

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I use an android and have two issues I would love to see fixed.

  • The best wifi connection where I use the trainer is one that uses an extension for my home wifi. If my phone and computer are both on wifi via the extension, Game will not come up on the companion app. I have learned that if I connect either device to the home network without the extension, Game will come up.
  • We love to have and option to save my ride but not exit Zwift.

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Make sure the WIFI extension device is set as access point and not as router, also make sure “client isolation” is disabled.

Since the most recent software update, my watts have dropped significantly. I’ve done two rides since the update and my average watts per ride are about 50 less than prior to the update and it’s very evident in-game that my exertion is resulting in lower wattage numbers. I’ve logged about 5,000 miles on Zwift with my Kickr '17, so I’m confident that my observation is not an anomaly or a dip in effort. Also, I did a calibration and firmware update on my Kickr in between the last two rides with no change in results. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Jon - I’m a long time user of Zwift and my power curve is massively inflated and set by a terrible trainer I used in the early days. My rides are now always compared to this rubbish benchmark. Is there any way to get ride of the old / incorrect power data?

There actually is. In the \docments\zwift\cp folder just remove all the files with the dates for when you used the old trainer.


Thanks so much!!

Formula One style colouring for segments would be awesome.

Hey Mel … I think I had a similar problem with the Zwift display getting cut off in our AppleTVs. The issue was actually in the TV (like the actual screen’s) display configs. Dig through your TV settings menu for picture / display settings and cycle through some of the “fit”, “zoom” or “ratio” options.

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Actually @Paul_Allen - thinking on, on this - will a local directory change affect the curve for what Zwift have at their end on their servers? Will the local PC change update to the server so that if I next use my IPAD not PC, the power curve will be the same and reflect the PC change? :woozy_face:

You’re an idiot. A sudden drop of ~50 watts average per ride is not a drop in effort. Perhaps you should spend less time trolling forums and more time working harder to NOT be an ass.

That data is dependent on the device being used. You will need to clear it on each device. This information is not synced across devices via Zwift.