Zwift Game Release: March 30, 2017

(Vincent W.) #1

Hey Zwifters, with the update today we add a much needed feature to Zwift - the Ride Report.

The ride report will show you the basic stats of your ride such as a map of the route you took, notable things that happened, who you rode with, who gave you a ‘Ride On’, and allow you to even befriend those riders directly from the notification. Additionally, for the data geeks who are interested in details, there is 2nd tab full of second by second ride data for power, cadence, and heart rate; as well as a 3rd tab which includes your ‘critical power curve’.

Other fixes or improvements include:

  • Fixed bug where some trainers or power broadcasting devices were incorrectly attributed with a ‘lightning bolt’ even though they were not truly power meters (ie, some elite trainers, powerCal heart rate strap, etc).
  • Fixed issue where confetti would sometimes show at incorrect times. It should only show as a user crosses the end of a segment, and gets a personal record.
  • Computrainer can now resume ERG mode after a failed workout segment
  • TSS score shown after a workout is now much accurate
  • Elite RAMPA resistance increased when used over bluetooth
  • Fixed an issue where some networked riders would appear to cut some corners rather than stay on the road on Watopia
  • Fixed issue where some users might get mis-routed on the watopia pier near the start of an event
  • A dozen smaller visual bugs or functional issues

On the near-term future roadmap we have some exciting things planned, one of which is the ability to join an event for a short period after it has already begun.

Have ideas about the new Ride Report? As usual we’re all ears when it comes to suggestions or feedback about changes, and a good way to do that is via our Zwift Support Community.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift

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