Zwift Game Release: January 23, 2017

The time has come and the Volcano expansion is here! This expansion lets you ride through a magma filled inferno as new land was created just off the coast of Watopia. As a result, three new routes are now available:

  • Volcano Flat - an approx 8mi/12.5km flat loop, which includes most of the old flat route minus ‘The Esses’
  • Volcano Circuit - a 2.8mi/4.2km lap around, and inside of, the volcano. This one has a built-in lap counter to count the laps as you complete them. In an organized lap-based event that uses this course the lap counter will count down to the finish.
  • Volcano Circuit CCW - same as above, but reverse direction

There are a few additional fixes and changes we’ve made in this update:

  • Added a fix for a case where a KICKR may drop all resistance. Resistance should return within seconds when Zwift detects the issue (PC/Mac ANT+ only).
  • Slightly improved load times on all platforms
  • Fixed issue where rider could “pop” up to the bridge overpass on Watopia when riding underneath it
  • Fixed rare mac crash when using Bluetooth Smart devices
  • 3 new achievements added
  • IOS: Wahoo ANT+ dongle support for Power Meters, Cadence, Speed, and Heart Rate. Zwift will not control controllable trainers over ANT+ in this release.
  • IOS: Fix for Airplay not having game audio
  • IOS: Simple Apple Watch app added to read heartrate when playing on an iPhone
  • IOS: added way to email yourself fit files, or email support log files. Just tap on the title logo 3 times
  • IOS: Fixed issue with 4iiii HR strap not reading speed sensors properly
  • Fix for some cadence sensors reading very high values
  • Added a selection of workouts from GCN
  • Event register/de-register now more reliable from Zwift Mobile Link

…and more.

Finally, we have just fixed an issue with our events and made it so all users in the event can hear the ride leader texts, no matter how far away he or she may be. The same goes for their identifier beacon - it is now visible at any distance.

As usual we’re all ears when it comes to suggestions or feedback about changes, and a good way to do that is via our Zwift Support Community.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift