Zwift Fun / Kids

Generally my idea is about making training more interesting by adding playful elements.

The competitive element in actual Zwift is great and the serious trainings plans are perfect for experienced bike athletes.

But to be true - young people as well as leisure bikers might get trouble with consistency of training as well as motivation.

At that point my vison of a Zwift Add On starts it‘s journey.

Imagine the first step when logging in is to choose between e.g. driver classes in cartoon style.

The ■■■ of Road is a true Road Racer. His calves can crush stones and his tires are burning because of the high frictions he pushs into the asphalt.

The Triathlord is a profesional of Zone 2 Power Output an Aerodynamics. Behind his TT Bike he has a chain of cans with nails to demonstrate his slipstream area.

The Mountainking is a MTB driver with balance and is absolutely fearless. His Bike is heavy spring sispendet even to the sides to push away other cyclists.

And then there is Betty the modern commoter with a basked on her habdlebars. Comfortable, equipped for everything you need for cycling…like an umbrella.

The game dynamics based on a less detailed link between players wattage and avatars performance.
Each avatar will directly react to players power within it‘s range of skills.

So it doesn‘t make sense or is wanted to cycle more powerfull than middle of Zone Two.

Cycling at that point will result in following paces:

■■■ of Road: 27
Triathlord: 29
Mountainking: 25
Betty: 23

Within the game you find several stages where player chooses between two kinds of power up.

The one is „All out sprint“. When passed the item player needs to charge it e.g. With 30 seconds at a percentage of FTP which is higher.

This ueashes each characters sprint availabilities.

■■■ of Road: 40 for 300m
Triathlord: 35 for 150m
Mountainking: 33 for 200m
Betty: 2x 30 for 50m with a little „oh my ■■■ i am so fast“ animation in the middle

The second kind of power up is more interactive. It needs to be charged with more power for a defined amount of seconds as well.

■■■ of Road: His endless slipstream grappling hook directly draws him near to the next cyclist.

Triathlord: His Powerful Water Bottle Artack splashes his whole slipstream Box and let all other cyclist slip. But Betty. She has her umbrella!

Mountainking: The Mountainking will perform a powerfull high jump and is taking out some wooden bars in the air from his backoack. This ends up in a virtual downhill pace improvement as well as wood splinters behind him which lets all other cyclists slip.

Betty: she can take out her battery pack an insert to her Bike - its electric now. Faster and hitting nearby drivers with little shocks (slipping again).

In the background there is a KI which weights up which frequency of power ups is manageable for the realms participants.

The big idea is to generate fun whilst performing a interval.
There is the option of more characters as well as morr power ups which are chooseable and maybe hit different training zones and goals.

It‘s like Zwift meets Mario Kart.