Zwift freezes then C.T.D

Zwift crashes to desktop.
The only thing i can find in the log is a UDP reconnect at the end of the log file.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my internal network that could be causing this to my knowledge as it’s gigabit fiber modem-managed switch-computer.
No strict rules or anything.

Also… why for the love of god doesn’t zwift have a button on the main menu to put you back into the event you were riding???
I was going for the weekly 100k ride and now it’s just gone.

Please post the full specs of your setup.

Motherboard: Asus x470 gaming f
Processor: AMD 5800X
GPU: Nvidia 3070ti
Ram: 32gb 3200mhz corsair lpx
Windows 11 22h2
250gb nvme ssd for os and zwift.
1080p TV for zwift.