Zwift freeze

During 2 different stages of Tow Zwift freezes after approx. 15 minutes. Had to force a shutdown and rebooth PC. Late join is possible but this is very frustrating. Windows 11 is up to date and latest version of zwift. No network or connection problems. System: i3 12th gen intel cpu, gtx 1660ti, 16gb ram

Hi @Jan_Vanderlinden_GFT

It seems you may have already checked here, but we have a pinned thread about app crashes during events. This is a known issue and as I understand it, Zwift’s team is working on a fix.


@Steven_D that problem is for events with powerups disabled. The OP is talking about crashes in ToW, which have powerups enabled. So it’s not the same issue.

There seems to be an awful lot of crashes going on at the moment, and not only in events without powerups (which are less common events anyway). It’ll probably be easier to separate these out now that the fix for the no-powerups crash has been released.


Unclear whether the patch is intended to cover crashing generally or only the issues when powerups are disabled, as noted. We’ll find out in the next day or two I guess.

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So this is perhaps related to the late join club events crashes. I’m not finding any known issues for ToW crashes specifically, however, unless there’s a late join – I think they’re sometimes crashing on the late joins.