Zwift free trial when paid for a month.

(Didier Van Rompaey) #1

I just paid a subscription with my visa. It sais it is paid. 


Then I cancelled my subscription because I only want to ride for one month and see later on if I like to ride more. But when I open zwift it sais I have a free trial of 30 days and can’t ride watopia. Only 3 basic courses… how come?

(Benjamin Bishop) #2

Zwift rotates between maps/courses, today is Richmond (which only has 3 routes). You can see the course schedule on the bottom right hand side, in Zwift, or you can see it on our community site (near the bottom of the page).

(Didier Van Rompaey) #3

Yeah, I noticed. I was confused it said free trial… thx for the good reply.