Zwift for windows closing without going to menu. implement soon? it's been 4 FOUR YEARS

It has been 4 years and zwift still closes after i end a ride and want to select another route.
I don’t do workouts from the workout menu, i select routes and ride them, but selecting another is the most tedious task there is, i have to get of my bike, go out to my livingroom where my computer sits, start up zwift again, pair all devices, select another route and go back to where i work out.
Yes i have a screen in another room, the issue is frustrating.
4 years!
You’re a small team, i get that, but if i had 4 years to work on zwift, i could learn the programming language and build it up from scratch without this issue that people still are anoyed by.
Just give us a button on the “save to strava” page that saves and takes us back to desktop.

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