Zwift for us old, fat guys.

(Karl Krasnowsky) #1

First, love this software (other than not having native bluetooth support on win10) but as much as it’s tough for me to admit, I’ve fallen out of race shape and working to get back on the horse, so to speak.

Not surprisingly, your software (IMO) is geared towards competition, and encourages users to hop in and start riding and competing with others.

Is there a training path that works with those needing to get their capacity back without the group competition mindset? I’m not sure what this would look like, but possibly solo rides that push your base thresholds in specific areas (I guess sorta like TrainerRoad with better visuals) until one feels comfortable getting back in the pack?

Since I’m very new to Zwift, I wouldn’t be surprised if this already If you could point me to the relevant information on doing this I would appreciate it.

(Paul Allen) #2

Have you checked out the Workouts available within Zwift?

Or you could just ride solo.

I have been using Zwift for year and have yet to do a group ride/race and I don’t plan on ever doing one. Do not feel you are obligated to do group rides/races or to compete against anyone while using Zwift.


(David Griscom YCW) #3

Karl, no matter how good you get there is always going to be somebody flying past you.  You just need to shut that out and compete against yourself.  Any workout that TrainerRoad has can be replicated as a workout in Zwift using the editor.  The other thing is to focus on your PRs.  Try to compete against yourself for lap times, sprints and hill climbs using your PR as the carrot.  Don’t worry about the times other people are posting

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #4

Karl, I’m an old fat guy. There are plenty out there. Don’t worry. Not everyone is racing. Some of us are just surviving. I ride a lot of flats. Do the occasional sprint, and sometimes take it up the hill. Just enjoy it

(Slow Brewer) #5

Karl, I’m also not the fittest but get a lot of enjoyment out of solo rides on the hills and flats and also the level E(veryone) group rides. 

(Mark Gardner WBR) #6

I am not a very strong rider but have got a lot better since starting Zwift a year ago. For the first few months I also went solo and didn’t think the group ride thing was for me. However I tried a few out and discovered that there are really good groups for every level, you just have to try a few to find them. The group quality is very dependent on the ride leader, he or she will encourage the group to stay together and if it is a no drop social ride will help by sending back sweepers to bring back slower riders in their draft. They will often also slow the whole group to enable breaks to come back together. Look out for rides classified as E, Social or ‘No Drop’. There are a few Sub 1.5w/kg rides but more common are Sub 2 w/kg. I can recommend the WBR Sub 2 group on Mondays and Wednesday. There is a great buzz to finishing a good group ride. Warning, try not to get depressed about the ego hammerfests that you will come across

(Josh USMC) #7

Hello, I’m fat (17.5 stone) and I like to ride. My work has kept me off the bike for a couple years and I really want/need to get back in shape. I feel embarrassed to go out in the shape I’m in, so I have taken to the indoor scene. I am VERY new to Zwift and on day one of the Foundation Workout. (FYI, “Workouts” are single person focused, no group to deal with). What I would like to add to this for anyone who would search for “Zwift for us old, fat guys” is that it’s not really geared towards us, and that makes it hard to get started. Most of the people talking about Zwift are fit riders taking it to the next level. Not very many who are overweight (obese in some cases) that are talking about what it takes to get going, and keep going. So to anyone who is having a hard time getting going, I suggest you look at the Workouts and set your FTP to a lower lever(I did 200) to begin with. My first workout was challenging but not impossible. You can do the FTP test, but DAMM it’s tough, I couldn’t even finish it at this point. So I opted to just set it to something I thought was about right for me, and I think 200 is a decent place to start. FYI the FTP setting is in the bottom right corner of the Workout selection screen. So don’t give up, and keep on spinning. 

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #8

If I were you I’d just ride the courses for a month before the workouts. They are good, but they are usually targeted at something. If you’ve done nothing for a while, then you won’t know what to target.  There are a lot of good courses. You can climb, go flat, go fastish or slow. Focus on time, not workouts. In a month you may find what you wish to enhance or repair. Zwift is a lot of fun. As for your FTP. That’s not low. Its not that important yet. Only for workouts. In a month you will have a better feel for watts.