Zwift for kids?

How do i set an account for my child?
I just filled on some detatils and then got an email from support rather than it continuing :frowning:

Those who have it working. Do your kids enjoy it?

I’m assuming you following the process as per this link?

Also others have asked, looks like you should hear back in a few days.

I myself as a kid, really enjoy Zwift. I know dozens of others who also enjoy the platform, especially for winter use. Should be 1-2 business days for a response.

Hi @Cath_Scholey ! :smiley:
Checking our system, I can see we received your request and created the account for your child on 19 June. We emailed the instructions on how to access the account on the same day, but it doesn’t look like that email has been opened. Can you check your spam folders and ensure you’ve received the email? I resent it so it’s more recent, so you should have a duplicate email with the exact same message.
Give that a try, and let me know if you’re still not locating our emails.

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