Zwift for kids help, any difference to regular Zwift?

So Im less than a month away from being 15, and I just found out that I can get zwift for free for the next year until I turn 16.

My main question is, is there any difference between a kids account and a regular account, like is there kids locked off features or anything like that, I understand I have to fill out that consent thing but will there be any difference in game from being on a regular account to a kids account, now i heard that its basically you fill out the form and they send you a 1 year free code and then you apply for one every year, so you could just use that on any account?

hi @Marco_Giampa, there is no difference that I am aware of than a normal adult account. I set one up for my 11 yr old daughter last winter, she only used it a few times, but it behaved exactly the same as my account.

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You can also read this:

Direct Notice to Parents

Thank you for your interest in establishing an account for your child. Below is some important information about how Zwift collects, uses, and discloses information from and about your child. In order to set up an account for your child, you must read this notice and then click the link below to set up your child’s account.

To set up your child’s account, we will ask you to provide information about yourself and your child to create a user name for your child (please don’t use one that includes your child’s actual name). We’ll also ask some questions about your child such as their name, date of birth, and email address that will be used for their login. You or your child will need to provide their gender, height, and weight, so that we can accurately calculate information about their workouts. We also collect any information you or your child provide to customize their profile, such as a profile picture or avatar.

Once your child’s Zwift account is set up, it will collect information about their activity on Zwift, like route, cadence, effort, length of ride or run, total output and total calories burned, elevation gain, and, if your child uses a heart rate monitor, your child’s heart rate. We also collect information about any screenshots your child takes, challenges and missions completed, and your child’s experience level (e.g., Academy status), and fitness test results. As a parent, you can see your child’s activity by following your child with your own Zwift account or signing into your child’s account.

Zwift has designed Children’s Accounts so that users of those accounts cannot chat with other users and have more limited ability to interact with other users than do adult users. Please carefully review your child’s settings to make sure you are comfortable with how they are using the Zwift service. We do not share Children’s Account data with users outside of the parent/guardian who set up the Children’s Account.

To learn more about how Zwift collects, uses, and discloses information from children, read the Children’s Privacy Policy.

By establishing a Children’s Account, you confirm that you are the parent or legal guardian the child for whom the account is created and that you agree to Zwift using your child’s information in the ways described in the Children’s Privacy Policy. You understand that you can later withdraw this consent by emailing us.

When your child turns 16, he or she will be eligible to independently manage his or her account. We will send an email to the email address we have on file for you indicating that your child’s account will be converted to a regular account, and your child will receive a prompt at their next login requesting that they change their password to establish a regular Zwift Account. This regular account will be subject to our main Privacy Policy and will incur applicable monthly membership fees in effect at the time your child converts his or her account to a regular account.

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On difference is Chat is turned off by default. They can’t see chat messages.

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it does say on the consent request website that

“Note: With the exception of messages from group ride leaders, our in-game chat feature is disabled for accounts associated with users under 13 years of age.”

It just depends Whether any setting are locked, i dont really care too much about no PMs and having to accept follow requests but i should be able to use chat according to the quote, as long as any settings arent locked and just private by default i can just change them