Zwift foot pod

I’m really confused how this product works. How does it attach to your foot when you run? Does it need to be positioned on the top of the foot or could it be attached as an ankle strap? I’m asking because I’m interested in the product but I don’t wear shoes when I run as I have medical reasons for not wearing shoes for running.

It attaches to your laces like most foot pods do.
I can’t see why you couldn’t thread laces through it and tie it to your ankle.
Have you considered an NPE Runn which attaches to your treadmill feather than your body.

Alternatively the newer Garmin watches can also pair directly to Zwift.

There are also some apps that can send a reported speed to treadmill.

This could be an option for you, I have used to for my Stryd:

Natty little gadget that Paul. Might mess with some of the advanced metrics of a Stryd but would do for the OP as could easily thread an ankle strap on it.

Shame they’re out of stock.

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