Zwift fondo 2020 series (southern hemisphere)

Sorry to say but not well thought through Zwift. The Southern Hemisphere actually stretches beyond Australia. If you had meant for this series to only cater for those on the Australian Longitude, then I’m afraid you got your North/South a bit mixed up, those are Latitudes. For South Africa (also Southern Hemisphere) these times translate to 22h00, 00h00, 02h00. Did you really intend to try and exclude us? How about adding a few more events options, no skin off your back and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere fans (including South America) can also share in the Fondo series.

I don’t actually understand why it references the Southern Hemisphere. Was there one for the northern hemisphere too? Makes little sense to me.

Yep - Jan to March this year

It’s weird how they say it’s for the southern hemisphere, but time is laid out east to west not north to south…

You can’t have events that work for northern vs southern hemisphere because that’s not how time works…

was it promoted as ‘northern hemisphere’? Pretty sure I did it.

Perhaps it is not about daytime, but summer / winter? There are many people (me too) using Zwift in winter and riding outdoors in summer, so this would make sense for me.

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First event for us kiwi’s is tomorrow at 3:30am :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: