Zwift fit file incorrect


this morning I rode on Zwift using an Apple TV. Around 19min into my ride something happened and Zwift appear to lock up. I closed the app, restarted it and it allowed me to continue my ride. I then continued to ride for around another 2.30m. After my ride only the first portion of my ride uploaded (19min). After some quick research I logged onto my.zwift where I could see the first 19min ride and the entire 2.45min ride, so I downloaded the fit file for the later. However after importing it to another app it only contains the initial portion of the ride. Upon further investigation even though Zwift says the ride last 2.45 and 80km the timeline graph only shows 19min. What are my options here? I rely heavily on power data for TSS and Zones, this appears to now all be shot to pieces. Do I have any other options beyond guessing what my TSS was?