Zwift "failed" me on an interval before it was over

 I was doing a workout that I have done many times with no problems.  About 50 minutes into the workout, Zwift began failing me on an interval after just a few seconds into the interval.  For example, 30 seconds into a 4 minute interval, I “failed” for no reason. It was almost as if the “TAB” button on the keyboard was being pushed repeatedly. After three “failures”, I gave up.  Maybe sweat dripping on the keyboard?   

Hi Cleve - 

We’ve not heard of sweat triggering a physical keyboard like that before, however, we have seen this occur with sweat that lands on the screen of some devices while running the ZML companion app. Do you use the app and could have possibly sweat on it? If not, I recommend you open a support ticket and provide the game log file for us to investigate.

I did have ZML running on an iPhone. The phone was under a clear plastic cover, but it is possible that sweat fell on it. I will try again tomorrow.

Keyboard troubles are historically caused by cookie crumbs. Turn it over and tap it to clean. (joking!)

In workout mode, you have to maintain RPM. If you don’t, you fail. Some workouts force a cadence and I no longer use them as they can be quite difficult to maintain RPM and power level.

What does pushing TAB do? I’ve never had to use it in Zwift.

Next interval in a workout