Zwift Event Intensities

(David Slyby S.C.Z.L.) #1

I’d like Zwift to have more static terms for Intensity in Zwift Events.   It looks like the authors can manipulate the intensities, especially the category E.   Zwift says E is for (1-2W/KG) where as others use it for Everyone.  Sometimes those events are for specific experienced and strong riders.   Also I’ve seen group D manipulated.  Zwift D (2-2.5W/KG) where as I’ve seen it changed to be much lower.   I’m about to give up on Events, as I am not strong enough to ride almost any of the category Es even though I should be.  I’m tired of constantly being disappointed as I sift through all the events, only to find out the Intensities are mismanaged.  

(Jason K) #2

Thanks for the feedback! Our events team is actually working on improving this now. We’re working on defining new ride categories and ways to better set expectations, especially for the rides that should be more accessible to everyone.

Keep an eye on our update notes here and on social media for more information. :slight_smile:

(David Slyby S.C.Z.L.) #3

That is excellent news.  Thank you for the update and the continued improvements and development.  I LOVE ZWIFT!!!