Zwift environment impact (supported OSs)

  1. No using that ancient phone for Zwift… Only Companion
  2. Quiet sure my phone is not upgradable.
  3. Why should it be upgraded? It works . Zwift’s convince is going to cost Zwifters money.

Just one example (everybody’s talking about environment, … - I am not talking about IT security etc.) - my 24 years old freezer works. Why should it be upgraded? Because it needs (estimated) twice as much electricity as the new ones.

Getting out now, this discussion is pointless, ride on!

Thank you for pointing how useless it is to expect Zwift will take us p(l)aying client’s requests seriously.

I have an old I-pad mini I tried out. I think it works pretty good but will soon not be supported. I put it on the bike if I want to watch Apple Music Videos while Zwifting. When it is no longer supported, I am going to buy the new I-pad mini. I have a 4K monitor and an Apple TV that I use when I want to focus on my numbers. I am not that good at training and I am still figuring this out. But I remember exactly what my older brother said to me when I was visiting him at Sun Microsystems and he said, “One of the Wall Street clients said they were having operating system challenges, and I said, well, have you tried throwing money at the problem?” The reason I am Zwifting, one of my partners mentioned it, I was in Sports Basement getting my road biked tuned up, and I walked by and the Tacx Neo was on sale, open box, 40% off. I saw it and said, well, who cares, just throw money at the problem. To be honest, it worked. I purchased the new Garmin Heart Rate Strap, again, thinking, do I really need it? But when I realized, just throw money at the problem, no need to be negotiate regarding a sport I really love, that saved me a lot of downstream frustration.

I actually think Zwift is taking these discussions extremely seriously. If you look at the financial markets and what happened with Pelaton, you have to understand that they are getting calls constantly regarding the the plan for improvement. Zwift did a great job in developing a software platform over many years that is user friendly, interesting, and satisfied many users. The challenge, the trainer market is fundamentally limited to more extreme athletes. The average person in the world right now is not athletic, and we are seeing increasing obesity. I always give credit where credit is due. Zwift did an A plus job in delivering a platform that is fairly widely adopted. What Zwift really needs, “Mini-games”. There is a huge market for professionals that want to come home and ride for 45 minutes to an hour, they are not training, they are trying to stay in shape, and they just want to have a good time.