Zwift Doesn't Recommend/Suggest Next Workout from Workout Plan

Ziwft doesn’t recommend/suggest the next workout from a workout plan I’m currently doing on the game landing page.

I’m currently doing the FTP Builder workout plan.
Yesterday I completed Week 2 Day 4 - Tempo.

It makes sense to me that one of the top suggestions/recommendations on the “For You” section would be Week 2 - Day 5 of this workout plan, but this is never the case.
I always seem to have to go into the workouts library, find the workout plan I’m currently doing, then find the next day (that isn’t checked off) and select that day workout, in this case would be Week 2 - Day 5 - Active Recovery

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a quick shortcut to get to the next scheduled workout in the plan I’m currently doing?

See screenshots below