Zwift does not accept 1024 * 768 SDR resolution on Apple TV 4k

Hi everyone,

With my new ATV 4K (2022), Zwift does not accurately render the 1024 * 768 SDR resolution. It does render correctly at all other resolutions, but due to over/underscan issues the 1024 * 768 resolution is the one that fits my tv the best. When this resolution is selected the game itself is loaded like it should be. However, the UI is all over the place, the entire UI seems stretched while the majority of the buttons are either outside of the window or simply invisible. It makes navigating the app practically impossible. A short term fix is switching to a 1024 * 576 SDR resolution but at my tv that leads to underscanning. So what I do now is switching resolution each time I want to launch Zwift, which is not a great situation of course. (1024*768 SDR is the best resolution for my TV, so simply selecting 720P or something won’t solve the situation).

No direct help is needed, since a workaround is available, but I do hope that this bug can be fixed in a future release of the ATV Zwift app!

EDIT: Problem has been solved by using the 1360 * 768 resolution, apparently my tv (LG 37LP1R-ZE) had a native resolution of 1366 * 768 which needed the above resolution

Are you running a high speed HDMI cable?

This sounds more like an issue with your TV. How old is it?

to be fair, it is a really old tv (10 years or so), so I think buying a new tv would allow me to put the ATV in a more conventional resolution (e.g. 720p) without overscanning, but that is a rather expensive solution (especially since the TV is still in pristine condition). Since all the other resolutions render perfectly (besides the under/overscanning of course), I figured it was a small bug in Zwift where this specific resolution causes problems.

@Lin_Alan, I haven’t tried a different/newer HDMI cable yet! I will try to get a newer cable and see whether that solves the problem

Thanks for the input from both of you!

After some additional research I discovered that my tv has a native resolution of 1366 * 768, so when I changed the ATV resolution to 1360 * 768 zwift loaded the UI correctly and I no longer experience any under/overscanning problems!

Although the weird UI remains at the incorrect resolution I believe this is not an error and simply setting the resolution at the wrong value.

Thank you both for the help! This problem has been solved:)

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