Zwift did not save my Stage 5 Group Ride

Hello there,

last night I rode stage 5 of ToW, the only stage I still needed. Tried to connect with my desktop but due to known issues in Germany (Telekom), it did not work, even though an email from Zwift yesterday morning stated otherwise.

So I opened Zwift on my Android phone via mobile data, logged in, switched back to wifi and then finished the ride. Unfortunately, when trying to save the ride, the zwift app froze up and nothing happened. The ride wasn’t saved in Zwift, TrainingPeaks or any other account I own and use.

So this morning a ride did show up in my recent activities list in the Zwift app. Only data that is correct is the date. Distance, time and elevation is not correct. And I cannot access any details of the ride or see who gave me a ride on.

So… I want that ToW kit in my locker and I did finish all the rides. It’s highly annoying that I am paying for this and it has not been working properly for days now.

Any chance that Zwift can unlock my rewards?