Zwift custom workout on Android

I used to make custom workout on the PC version and log into android and the custom workout would be there and i would be able to do it.

Now when i make a custom workout on PC it wont sync to android for some reason.
Its a major problem for me since i do all my Inside workout on Zwift Android.

I have a high end Gaming desktop that run zwift whitout problem but the bluetooth connection to my Neo 2 fail me on a regular basis while its super stable with my Android phone.

Anyone aware of this issue and have anyway to get my custom workout onto android ?

Thank you very much !

Hi @P-L

Welcome to the forum.

I realize that this was not your question but have you tried a ant+ dongle for the PC. The Pc experience should be so much better.

No i havent tried, but i suspect the bluetooth issue come from the fact the trainer is to far away from the desktop, so my guess is that i would most likely have the same issue with ant+ ? Or does it have a longer range ?

Thank for your reply !

Long range can be a problem but if you can get a usb extension and bring the Ant+ dongle close to the trainer you should get a good signal.

Internal bluetooth is not very good, because it is so close to the other components.