Zwift crashing when attempting to load makuri

zwift crashing when attempting to load makuri after last update.

win10, 64-bit
Intel i3 - 3,7GHz quad core

AMD R7 370 grafic card

This PC is completely clean and up to date. Only to be used for zwift

After the last update zwift crashes when trying to ride makuri.
No problems with login or starting zwift in general. The other two available worlds/routes are also opened quickly and without any problems. Riding there is no problem.
Only Makuri generates problems.

zwift crashes exactly after route selection when the blue screen is displayed while porting the rider to the selected world.

Same issue here.

I have the same issue.

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Exactly the same issue here as well.
Since the latest update.

Haven’t been able to ride the new neon courses!

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Same here

See Makuri Islands crashing after Neokyo update [Windows 8] (it’s not just Windows 8).

I completely rebuilt the system and reinstalled windows & zwift. this is faster and more painless than troubleshooting.
now everything is running fine again

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I’m a tech idiot, but I am having a similar issue. When I load Makuri I get some graphics but all the letters are unreadable and eventually Zwift crashes.

I’ve tried to upload a picture. I am running Zwift on a relatively new dedicated lap top with Windows 10
64 bits, AMD Ryzen 3 32004 with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx.

It took me all day just to learn where to find that information.

Here’s what I have already done:
updated bios
deleted and reinstalled Zwift.

If anyone has suggestions speak very slowly as if you were talking to a 5 year old. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately this looks like a recurring issue with the hardware in your laptop, because a few people have had the same problem:

I’m not sure if anyone’s managed to fix it yet. One for @shooj to be aware of.

I have an old computer with only 2 Gb memory, running Win 10.
Increased the page file settings to: minimum 5500 MB and max 8000 MB.

To my surprise it’s working now.
When you make the page file too small, it still crashes.