Zwift crashing Nov 6th 2023 3 time with in 1 hour level 60 rider now with video youtube

3 Zwift crashing in 1 night live streaming

i will do youtube video on it.

Might need to give us more detail reference what type running Zwift on etc…

so what are the part in my PC CPU 10850K + GPU 3090 KP

zwift did in the last 24 hours, they need to fix it.

You’ll need to give full detail of your setup, how you are connecting etc… It’s impossible to advise based on scant detail.

it been good for 1 year with 1 one crash, and to have 3 crash in 1 night. it not me, it Zwift , i am not asking for help, i am asking for Zwift to fix there back end what they did over the last 24 hours.

Nothing has changed to the best of my knowledge. An update is due imminently.

Try turning off video screenshots would be my best advice to see if that resolves the issue.

If its the backend then you’d think more people would be affected by it.

It could, for example, be an update to your anti-virus software or a new app, or update to another app.

Note: You may want to raise your seat … imagine you are getting quite a bit of knee pain.

log file [19:00:19] ERROR LEVEL: VIDEO_CAPTURE , if that what did it, why today, not last week or weeks before ?

Just making suggestions based on the very limited info provided.

You’ve now provided a log entry… which talks about video capture. You could try turning that off for now. (assumes your crash happened at that time).

Then supplying the log file to Zwift support…

Saying “It broke, fix” isnt very helpful to anyone.

ya right at that time, last thing on the log file, i know guys 2 weeks ago have things go work with it, why now did it go wrong for me, i race/ride on zwift 6 days week. i have had video 90 days + now.

that why i think it zwift did thing in the back end. or was it luck for me up today?

Now you’ve provided some info, I would disable video capture and this will hopefully allow you to ride uninterupted.

Then, separately … email Zwift support directly and supply the log file.

You could also, in your original post, have supplied the log file or a snippet of it. Every little bit of info helps.

how full is your hard drive?

zwift saves pictures and videos (if you have them enabled) every ride whether you want it to or not.

it may have filled up the free space on your hard drive.

if not try riding without it on and see if it helps. The scenery changes have increased CPU load and so maybe that plus having videos enabled it too much whereas previously it wasn’t