Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride

Same crashes/freezing/PCrebooting here,…

I use a 4 year old PC (i5/GTX1070/16GBRAM, with 55"TV in 4K) and never had a problem !
Did ALL route badges last april during lockdown, ZWIFT ran flawlessly.

But in december, after GPLama´s YTvideo that there is a new faster ZWIFT Launcher, I deleted & installed ZWIFT new.

Then after christmas, it startet with the freezing. Always within the first 10 minutes.
Sometimes it worked for some rides, then it crashed again.

Thought it was a GPU problem (installed also new driver in december), but also with older driver, ZWIFT crashed.

During the last weeks it got worse, crashing almost every ride, so I end up using my tiny iPad instead.

What I have tried so far:

  • older/new GPU drivers
  • installing ZWIFT new
  • deleting kaspersky
  • connecting PC directly to modem
  • switching between onboard BT & BT-Stick

The new launcher is flawed in several ways, and I recommend people don’t use it. Check your PMs.

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So yesterday, I installed ZWIFT new, and tried it 3 times & always crashed after circa 10 minutes.

Then after I posted here, a friend suggested I should update Java, what I did & tested ZWIFT again:

  • 2x for 20 minutes & NO crash
  • so I let it run for over 1 hour & NO crash

And today, also 2x for 20 minutes & NO crash

Don´t know what to say, other than I hope this solved my problem, fingers crossed

I don’t think that Zwift uses Java at all, so updating it will have had no effect on Zwift.

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Agreed, unless it was causing other instability on the system that only showed itself during Zwift. It produces some very odd load.

yepp, must have been some strange coincidence,…

ZWIFT just freezed 9:47 minutes into my first real ride,…

Shouldn’t freeze no matter what, so I suspect there’s something else going on.

Just wanted to add my name to the list suffering from the issue. For me, it started in December after almost 3 years of using Zwift without issue. I initially thought it another symptom of my failing 8yr old laptop (touchpad and USB failure) and was surprised when my new Lenovo c940 (i7/12MB/Iris+/Ant+ dongle/100m/s FiOS) crashed even a bit more often. Zwift is literally the only app that has crashed/stopped on this pc to date. I have so far sent 2 crash reports to Zwift support with so far no response beyond the auto mailer. Very frustrating and disappointing. I also contacted Youtubers/Zwift influencers GPlama and DCRainmaker to see if they can add a little weight to getting a solution that isn’t ‘buy a AppleTV’.

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I’ve been following this thread for a week or so as I’ve had problems ever since the latest Zwift update. Since then its been crashing more and more regularly to a point its just unusable. I have been trying to contact Zwift support and I eventually got this reply. I wanted to share this as it confirms what many people have mentioned already.

Sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with Zwift crashing on you. I took a peek at your account as well as your crash log to see what was going on here, and I can confirm that you’re encountering that known issue with newer Intel graphics equipped laptops, and we’re currently working on a fix. Thanks to the complexities of software development however, it’s hard to say exactly when this will be resolved for sure and we’re currently unaware of a work around for this issue aside from using [a different device]​.

So that said, we actually have a few members of the dev team that will post patch notes over on [our forums]​​, and they’ll mention in those when they’ve addressed this issue. I’ve also attached this issue’s internal “tracking code” to your support thread here, so it’s possible we may send out an automated email to all those affected that this has been resolved. Full disclosure though, I personally haven’t seen one of those emails yet and i’m not entirely sure how they work so I can’t vouch for their timeliness. As a result of that then, i’d recommend focusing on those forum posts since I can say with certainty the information will be posted there the day of the fix!

Sorry we couldn’t do more for you in the short term, but we’ll look forward to the issue being resolved have seeing you back in Watopia soon!

So its a known issue and I am so surprised its taking them this long to fix, especially as it sounds like it was introduced by the latest update so they have a ‘stable’ version to roll back on.

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Posted in another thread:

It is not only Zwift - and I do not believe it is going to be an easy fix.

Stage 3 of my Haute Ride died tonight 1650m up an 1800m event… Fking furious as there are no repeats.

Running a Dell 5320 (Iris Xe) and according to Event Viewer my Intel driver **** itself. Now I need to see if I can at least repair the fit file enough to log.

My Surface Pro 2 never used to do this. It’s the second ride I’ve had spoilt within a few weeks.

I wouldn’t mind if it crashed and I could rejoin to finish the race, but because Zwift is something from 1995 apparently a resume feature is beyond them.


Same for me, I have had three crashes in the last two days attempting to complete two rides. It’s really frustrating, and I wish Zwift would find a fix quickly because I like the in-game experience. However, I am at a point now that I am considering other platforms so I can at least finish my rides without having to stop and reboot the app when it randomly freezes up.

I noticed the issue for me began with the late December or early January update. That’s when my rides started crashing on a regular basis.

This is the same timeline for me when I started experiencing crashes and freezing up of the app. I think I had two issues in all of 2020, and it’s been a crapshow since early January and I am really frustrated to a point where I am considering switching indoor riding software.

I posted a while back, having had many sudden freezes after 30 minutes or so into a ride.

Remember reading a bit after about somebody who set his graphics driver to ‘game’ and the problem went away.

I had a Zwift ride this evening for the first time since the last crash. Updated everything and set the driver to game. (It was on std or generic PC)

Running the monitor and a 42" TV in 1080P for which I use Zwift (duplicated full screens). Left Zwift on the select your devices screen for 30 minutes where it previously froze after 10 to 20 minutes of non activity.

Then did a 42 minute workout and not a problem.

Might be a coincidence and unfortunately it’s a royal pain as we all know when it freezes, so I’m reluctant to try with the graphics setting turned back down. Will see how it goes and will report back whether it freezes or not with the settings I have now.

For info, the PC is Intel I5 9400, 16GB ram, AMD RX590 8GB and SSD drives.

Fingers crossed.