Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride

Yes, would be nice to hear more experience.

Changed the Zwift priority in the windows task manager. Didn’t use the Process Hacker because I didn’t want to download anything, just changed the setting in task manager, from normal to high priority.

Rode 90 minutes with no problem. About an hour with a pace partner and then alone for the rest. The game ‘skipped’ a couple times when I was with the pace partner, but never actually stopped, I was never dropped.

I’ll freeride or something again tomorrow, and do a race on Thursday. Since there are only a few weeks left of indoor riding anyway (I hope) I’ll wait until then to decide on reupping Zwift or just finishing out on SFest. But this gives hope for Zwift. Kind of.

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It is a joke to even have to consider using these hack methods to make the game work.

Tried: process hacker, does not work
Tried: active power management does not work
Tried: altering configs to the lowest graphics setting does not work.
Tried: using external screens with various display port drivers
Tried: various versions of graphic driver both from intel and dell. All bios, windows drivers up to date.
Tried: using ant Vs Bluetooth

Same story each time, livekernelEvent 141.
Laptop is i7-1065g7, integrated Iris plus 1gb, 32gb ram, 1tb ssd

For that reason, I’m ending my subscription.

The app is poor. The development team need to serious consider their priorities.


Zwift is aware, let’s see if they can do anything.
But the GPU power is really not good, not only Zwift has problems. In my opinion it not the highest priority.

1 hour doing tour de zwift, no problem. “Hiccups” again, like it was going to freeze, but never did.
The skipping but not freezing makes me think the problem is still there, but giving Zwift higher processing priority helps get through it with better luck.


After six or serven good days, without any freeze, today I got one… :frowning:
I have been comparing the logs between good and bad races, and I dont see any differences. Comparing the logs using Zwiftalizer, It surprise me that in the bad ride, more or less at the same time the game got freeze, there is an ANT+ connection that I don’t see in the good ones.
Anyone knows where I can see which device it’s that?

ok, that device its my pulsometer… However, I paired the pulsometer at the same time that the Elite Direto. The good rides, Its looks like that:
Is it not a problem to have two different ANT+ channels open?

ANT+ is multi-channel so all good.

I always have to channels used:

@Fabio3729_Fernandez Did you use process hacker when it freezed?

Warming up in the start pen for a race, the screen suddenly changes to blue Z “Loading Watopia” screen, freezes, zwift crashes. That was a new one.

Yes. It’s always on.

Same here. After almost 2 weeks (I zwifted veery day) yesterday the zwift app freezed again after approx. 35 minutes. This time no race just easy go in Watopia.
I also had process hacker on. I don’t know what it is. They broke it somehow and I’m tired on trying to fix their things.
Last enty in the log is:
[18:25:33] NETCLIENT:[WARN] UDP connection timeout (1 so far), reconnection attempt 1

[18:25:33] NETCLIENT:[INFO] Connecting to UDP server…

Seems it is rather a connection issue than grafic related.

Unlikely - Zwift, once started, doesnt need a network. And as UDP is connectionless (doesnt require guaranteed delivery) its very unlikely to be related.

Frustrate with Zwift too. It all appears to be related to the integrated GPU and Zwift has know about this for almost two months and still not fixed. When I sent them crash logs, they clearly identified it as a known issue and that “they are working on it.” Very frustrating to have it crash at mile 75 of a 100 mile ride and get the following response:

Sorry to hear its still not working correctly on Zwift. Like I mentioned in my previous email, we are aware of this being an issue on hardware similar to yours and are working on a fix on our end. Until we can get that patched up though, crashing on that laptop is going to be the norm i’m afraid. With that in mind then, I would strongly recommend checking out [alternative devices]​ to Zwift on since it could be a little while before we get this fixed thanks to the various complexities in software development.

As far as knowing when this will be resolved, we actually have a few members of the dev team that will post patch notes over on [our forums]​​, and they’ll mention in those when they’ve addressed the issue.

Everything: Windows, drivers, etc is up to date. Seems hard to believe that their answer is that I should use an iphone or Ipad rather than a Dell XPS 13.

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I have reverted to using my 8 year old Apple MacBook air to run the game and I have not had a crash since.

Sad, isn’t it? New gaming PC causes freezes and only MacBook is working.

I’m following. I see I’m not the only one. Crashing since october.

Intel Iris
i7 10th Gen.

Been using Sufferfest for three weeks now with not a single problem. OK, the interface is less demanding on GPU than Zwift but, I pay my money and they make it work. The training programmes are good so my Zwift subscription is stopped.

Good luck to those of you who prefer Zwift. I hope either your solutions work or that Zwift fixes it soon.

I installed the latest driver for my Intel Iris Plus and it did not help. As I mentioned previously Rouvy ran for over 4 hours on my Inspiron i7 laptop without a burp. RGT seems to run well too. Zwift get your act together!!!

I have an ethernet cable attached to my Inspiron i7 laptop and it crashes (I’ve run 30 internet connection tests and get 58-81 Mps download speeds)