Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride

It comforts me minimally to see that I am not the online one with this issue. I am sure Zwift development team will fix it as soon as they can because there are so many people with the same problem. I feel relief because it looks we have found the root cause. I have opened ports, use ANT+, update drives, reinstall everthning… and sooner or later the game freeze. It looks clear to me that there is a issue with Intel UHD graphics. Maybe, in some cases, with a very strong internet conections errors are minimized but It doesn’t fix the root problem.
Thanks to everyone in this post for trying to help. I hope new versions fix the problem, Otherwise, sadly I will have to find an alternative.

Sorry if my post was rude. That was not my intention. I’m also fine with any kind of frame rates around 60fps. But freezing / crashing in races is frustrating - no, it is unacceptable. It kills all joy, espacially when you have put in so much effort.
It was also working fine on my machine in the past. Since June 2020 I have these issues. Also not every ride but from time to time. Sometimes two weeks nothing, then 3 days in a row.


Zwift must fix the problem. They shouldn’t blame computers, drivers, fps… Not very clever to suggest users to change hardware, even more, when the problem is with new and good PCs. I agree with @Chriss_Cross that the problem goes and comes and it doesn’t happened in games much more demanding than Zwift, which means, the bug is fixable. Happy to try a work around, that we don’t have at the moment but the issue should be solve from root.

Today a good case. No freeze - 1h stable. I used zwiftalizer to see the result. All good!
I don’t get what might be the problem when it freezes

Do you have any overclocks on?

Also, which launcher version are you using? Check it in the system tray.

No Overclocking at all: Neither GPU nor CPU. All default values.

Launcher Version is 1.0.50

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Ah okay, just a few things I thought might be an issue. :confused:

All you can do is continue to pressure Zwift support about it I guess.

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I noticed today that when a large group of riders comes on screen, it will tank my frame rate, and my computer will feel like it is getting frozen. It’s a 2014 MacBook Pro with the integrated Intel Iris Graphics, and I had set it at 720p/medium, but after that, I switched it down to 540p/low within the settings menu.

I have had the same issue over the past two weeks. Freezes up at a random time during a workout. Did in TDZ stage 5 in last half mile. Newer laptop, no hardware problems. Frustrating.

Good to know not isolated problem, but should be quickly fixed.

In my case it is completely random and not event related. I freezes during solo rides and races. I did not notice that it was more often with events.

I am the same. It’s random. 1 in 4 or 5 rides/runs and it freezes. Could be solo or small group even. This always happens before Zwift hangs:

“Display driver igfxn stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

I opened a ticket with support. Updated to Jan 2021 drivers. Still happens. They said its hardware issue but seems to me like the software should be able to at least recover from it.

I am on an LG gram with i5/16 gb ram/500 gb ssd/intel integrated iris gpu.

I don’t get any error message before. It just freezes.

You’ll find something similar in Event Viewer, relating to your Radeon driver.

Dave is right, I should have said error in Event Viewer. I see this 100% of the time I have a random Zwift freeze.

Hi @Chriss_Cross,
Could you answer the following questions please?
Is your computer Bluetooth ON, even when your pair your bike with ANT+?
Do you play using full screen or windowed?
Are you using a second screen? How is conected to your computer? do you display two different screens or just share main screen to monitor?
Today I didnt have any freeze and I am trying to find trends…

@Dave_ZPCMR No, I have no error message in Even Viewer upfront to the Zwift Error message.


It’s switched off. I use ANT+ only which is perfectly stable.


Yes, I have two screens but only one is running at the time. So I have it adjusted in a way that when I switch on the “Zwift monitor” (display 2) the other display is not used anymore.
The PC itself is connected via long HDMI cable to the Zwift screen. The other screen is connected via DP.

The lower monitor is dedicated for Zwift. The upper one is not connected to the PC but to the Amazon Fire TV

You’re in applications (at the left), go into system and have a look in there.

Zwift has crashed on me 4 out of the last 5 rides. Typically, right at the end or very late in a ride. Have tried to contact support. Never hear a thing. Have turned off all other apps and bluetooth devices so nothing is hogging memory. Still crashes.

There’s no point in trying to complete any events like TDZ. Have ridden the same stage twice, only to have it all crash within a mile of the finish line.

Fed up. Great concept - horribly unstable app. Cancelling subscription. Too many alternatives out there.


My one crashes most often between 30 and 40 min. during the ride. Today again everything fine.

What I find strange is that I had today in Watopia 114 fps avg. and yesterday in Richmod only 73. Is this related to the amount of riders in the map? Bcs. today I was cycling earlier the day where less people are zwifting.

Yep all to do with riders around. Weird how there’s no system log of the app crashing. Suggests it’s yet another new issue. :confused: