Zwift crashing? [April 1 2024]

So out of curiosity, I changed the local time on my Mac back to yesterday - 31 March - and went into Just Watch mode - no VR goggles or other rubbish visible. Clicked back to me and it all seems normal. I didn’t ride, but it seems likely that if the Zwift server detects 1 April local time, it then messes with your interface in a way that crashes Macs.

I have no idea what the date change would do to an actual ride - presumably it would mess with Strava upload dates etc. But it does at least suggest that it’s a temporary thing.

My work round was to use an iPad, but only after wasting 20 minutes trying to start riding with a MBP. I’d be a little more sanguine if the ‘joke’ was actually remotely funny, but there you go.

Edit: I see Zwift has turned the whole thing off anyway, so my post is probably meaningless and we’ll never know if changing the local time would do anything, though I’m amused that my post here is dated yesterday :slight_smile: Or it was. I’m back in today now and so is my post, Sigh…

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Hi Ahmed,
what ever it was, it’s gone now and I can start Zwift again. Thank You very much for immediate reaction. But the April 1st holiday effect might not have been the brightest idea :slight_smile:


Paul, you are a kind man.
As an admittedly cranky Mac user whose ride crashed half way through (thank goodness for late join) and had strobe like flashing black blobs on screen throughout the ride, I feel a bit less charitable about its value, lol.

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Thanks for the update.
Just a thought…
It have been nice if someone from Zwift HQ had hopped on here to acknowledge awareness of the issue a bit sooner. The first post about this was 7 hours ago and I heard from other users that Zwift was responsive on Facebook. Given that the forum is owned by Zwift and Facebook is not, I would appreciate timely updates on the forum and I think others would as well. Many users aren’t on Facebook.



Experienced significant display issues today running Zwift on MacBook Pro (Intel). No changes since last ride a few days ago. Lots of flashing graphics and lights during ride, primarily when near other riders.

I believe the issue is related to the April 1 joke, so hopefully it’s not there tomorrow. I tried removing my helmet to get rid of the goggles, but that just caused Zwift to crash (which I know there’s another ticket for).

It’s especially problematic when staff flee the forum and continue engaging elsewhere such as on Reddit. It’s their forum so if there’s something wrong with it, why not fix that thing?


Me as well. Will let you know tomorrow. Screen rendering was so bad that I could not stay in a pacer ride. Was actually getting a bit woozy…

I messed with the clock to see the effects early and I didn’t have any issues with it crashing. Logged on multiple times and worked fine. I’ll give it another go right now (as it is actually April fools day…)

Edit: since the effect is now disabled I don’t think testing it now would provide accurate results…

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I did not have this issue because I am running it on a PC. But the root cause is simple. It shows yet again your team simply does not test anything.

Thanks for supporting the impacted users. Now try to improve your software quality for a change.

I would call it a time bomb - an automatically enabled software change that happens when most of the US staff is asleep and most of the UK staff had a bank holiday. Crash reporting metrics for Intel macs that alert on call staff would also have surfaced this.

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Here in Perth it is now the next day (April 2) and it just works again.

I was able to start the game, successfully enter Watopia and do a few pedal strokes to move forward.

Hopefully it still works this afternoon when I do a session.

Zwift turned off the VR goggles on mac, android, tvOS and iOS 12 hours ago to fix the issue.

Yep. Happening to me too on my Macbook Pro 2016. Was fine on Sunday. All went down hill on Monday. Nothing helped. Restarts, OS reinstall, resolution changes. I’ll give it a go tonight based in Ahmed’s response.

Thank goodness. Those VR goggles were ridiculous, in addition to the trouble caused.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t think it could be anything on my end.

well done zwift on knackering the game for many people purely for an april fools joke

It’d be boring without BugZ

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