Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)

(David Schwager Zhr (C)) #81

Can someone explain where I change the language? The small startup window says already english and in the main menu there is no option to change.


(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #82

Here is the link to help you out:

(David Schwager Zhr (C)) #83

Thank you Paul.

(David Schwager Zhr (C)) #84

Yes. Three days of zwifting without counting km or hm. Is there a chance of counting the km/hm in the follow-up?

(Kurt Kolbe) #85

Zwift gerade (23:30) schnell noch gestartet. Um schon mal, für morgen nach der Arbeit, auf Englisch umzustellen.
Es kam ein mini Update.
Hoffe, ich lese morgen hier, dass alles wieder i.O. ist…

(Vincent W.) #86

Hey all, a new patch was released that should fix this issue. Can anyone confirm? Update: Zwift crashing on End Ride or Exit when in German language

(P ete(r) K. (ZRG) [R2]) #87

Same problem here.

(Neal Cresswell) #88

Hi, just to add I’m a UK Zwifter and my last ride did exactly the same as described here. Clicked okay to finish ride and didn’t get a chance to save - just crashed to desktop. Interestingly the ride shows up on my companion app but not in my goals or accumulated totals. Won’t link to Strava or Garmin either. I only say this as it seems to be seen as a German language problem. Maybe my crash was a one off but thought it worth adding.

(Claude Spalinger) #89

The same problem occurs with me. Before the last update, I always pressed Esc key and then save. Now the program simply crashes and no upload to STRAVA when I go to ESC. I would like to do the Wahoo mission, but at the moment I can not seem to be able to. I hope there is a solution. Because of funny I do not drive 6x Alpe Zwift !!

Windows 10 operating system

(Jochen Leissner) #90

Same problem when trying to save a “normal” workout - not a group event.
only found a corrupt file in my directory \activities
which could (due to an file error) not be uploaded to strava.
Happened yesterday (Dec. 5th and Dec. 4th)
to my and same thing to a fried of mine.

(Ben Fricker) #91

I’ll ride later, will search for updates, install them (if find any) and switch to english.
Hope it solves the problem.

I really wanted a chance to win a Wahoo Kickr Core, cause now I’m on an old Tacx Blue Motion with Speedsensor and don’t have the money for a Direct Drive Smart Trainer. :frowning:

(Matthias Urech (Nidibikers)) #92

I applied the update and switched to English language. Workouts and free rides can be saved. I did not verify if it works with German language because I 'm tired playing Russian roulette.

I agree, the December update was a big one and had something for everybody: crashes, lost 1.1K climbing and XP stats, screenshots without panels, erg mode dropout’s, erg mode resistance problems in workout mode, cadence of -89687 in companion app. All this for an incredible 15$ per month.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a happy beta tester :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

All german speaking riders get a :ride_on: from me. See you on the next climb!

(Vincent W.) #93

Windows 10 I presume? Still investigating this issue @Jochen_Leissner @Claude_Spalinger @Neal_Cresswell

(Neal Cresswell) #94

Hi Vincent, sorry should have mentioned I’m running Zwift on a new mac desktop.

(Jochen Leissner) #95

in my case - yes. Windows 10

(Jochen Leissner) #96

in case of my friend Tina who has the same problem,
Windows 7

(Chris Rohr) #97

Same issue last night when finishing a 35mi ride. Ended ride and performed a Save/Exit/upload to Strava and the application went into a Not Responding state.
OS: Windows 10 (verison 1803)
Language: English

Zwift activity file only shows 25mi and I’m unable to upload any of the .fit files that are stored locally in my Zwift folder within the Documents folder. There is also an In Progress fit file from the failed save that hasn’t cleared.

I’ve uninstalled Zwift and downloaded the latest version from Zwift’s website. I’ve not had a chance to test if a ride will save successfully yet.

(Vincent W.) #98

Hey @Chris_Rohr have you had a chance to check if your save and exit is performing properly without crashing?

(Kasper Jensen) #99

Hi, I have the same problem with both German and English on two different laptops. In my case didn’t make a change, when changing to English… I‘m still in the trail period and really consider, if I should sign up. I hope it will be fixed soon?

(Ben Fricker) #100

Worked fine for me yesterday.
Didn’t have time today for a ride :frowning:

I also lost 1k hm climb in Wahoo Climb Challenge, but did 1.4k yesterday.