Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)

(Sven Kraft) #61

please rollback the release

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #62

I doubt Zwift will roll back the to an older version, more than likely they will be patching the issue soon.

(Sven Kraft) #63

paching is fine if you find the root cause within hours. cannot see any announcement from Zwift in this thread. Maybee its affecting just some hundreds users, so it not on the priority list.

(Ben Fricker) #64

Change language in Zwift to english and test again.

(Rolf Pfister) #65

I’m on a English Win (located in Switzerland) - abends anyway. Chance to start 7 day Sufferfest trial in the meantime :wink:

(Chris Larese) #66

As mentioned above by Zwift staff, you should send a report, using that support.zwift-link above (comment nr.18). I got a reply within a few minutes that they’re looking into it and was asked to send the Log files from the Documents/Zwift/Logs directory. I think if everybody does that, they can narrow it down and find a solution more easily and quickly. However, I’m pretty sure it is on top of their priority list.
After the NewYork-release there was similar user response on that “riding loops” issue and they fixed it quite quickly. And after all there are too many German speaking zwifters to disregard this problem.

Yes, it’s annyoing, but I’m sure they’re working on it. In the meantime I’ll try the workaround with English language setting, next time I’ll log in to Zwift.

(Eduard Zimmermann) #67

changing vom german to english works fine. Workout saved!

(Andreas Loibingdorfer #B Box) #68

Can confirm, switch to Englisch works

(Sven Kraft) #69

I openend the ticket and send the logs and activities. lets see if english setting solves it for the evening ride.

(Matthias Bräutigam WBR B) #70

Changed language from german to english and it is working fine again as it was before the new update!Finshed workout pushed ok the window showed up with save ride Upload to Strava!

(Thomas Gugler) #71

Same problem!!!

(✌ Micha | ☠ Fc St Pauli ☮) #72

Hello Vincent?!

(Mario Kulero) #73

Change to English Language Settings. Did 1,5h ride, everthing fine. Looks like a german language issue as mentioned by many.

(Igor Stadukhin) #74

Crashed after workout. English language is set.

(Clemens) #75

Same here, since Dec 3 crashes after every ride. German user, however on an English Win10 system and therefore Zwift also running in English. The rides were however synced with Zwift so I could download the .fit files and upload them manually to Strava.

(Sven Kraft) #76

worked fine

(Manuel Kuhn) #77

Same here. Also German. Also very disappointed in light of the wahoo climbing challenge (k’s of climbin meters lost) :(((

(G Hablik) #78

…aus Wien das selbe problem :frowning:

(Vincent W.) #79

Hey all, we believe we’ve found a fixed and this issue should be patched very quickly. I will update the Known Issue post here: Zwift crashing on End Ride or Exit when in German language

Thank you for being so patient with us!

(Sebastian Mockenhaupt) #80

The rides which are crashed, are not counting to the Wahoo Climb mission.