Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)

(Kurt Kolbe) #41

Same Problem and a Little more:
After the last Update:
Windows 10 and Companion App
no save screen after the end of the rides. - program ends.
the rides are saved at zwift. time, km and Hm are not correct. And they are not counted by my “Goals”. No Upload to Strava. the screenshots via the app are too dark on the PC and without the other data fields/windows (graph, driver list, ranking …) they are clean.

(Ben Fricker) #42

Here duration, time and hm are correct, but yeah, pictures are way too dark.

(Matthias Urech (Nidibikers)) #43

I checked the event log on Windows (application section):
Error code: 0xc0000409
Error offset: 0x00000000006cdfab

Also, there is a Windows Error Reporting event which can be found in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive\

I sent the logs to support.

(Martin Helfer) #44

Northern Italy here with german PC… (Win10) Same issues as mentioned by the others.


(Wolfgang Zauner (ZSUN)) #45

I switched to English language… was it in the pairing screen? Tested for 5 minutes… issues solved! Good luck!

(Ben Fricker) #46

Will test also in 2-3 days. But maybe till then there’s also a fix.
Tomorrow is regeneration day. My legs are killing me.

(Andreas Loibingdorfer #B Box) #47

Same here - Crash on Save at 2 different PCs and 2 different Accounts
Windows 10 with German Language (Austria)

What can we do with the broken files?
No Count for the Wahoo Challenge or Weekly Goald?
This is really bad for me - paying for a piece of Software where the essential Function not working

(Christoph Krieger) #48

Same here.
Saving freeride works. No saving of events. Not even asking for saving.
Windows 10 1809 64bit German, no BLE setting.

(Sven Kluitman) #49

Same problem here. Never had this issue before the update, I now did 5 rides since the update and it was the same issue for ALL 5 rides. Cannot be a coincidence…

Ride is somehow saved in profile and gets transferred to zwiftpower, but not so Strava, Garmin and Trainingpeaks. Furthermore, even though corrupted file of ride is saved in profile, no XP gained and also no change in challenges and Wahoo climb mission, even though I joined.

I am using a windows PC, everything is connected via Ant+ and Internet connection is completely stable, no drop outs. Contactes support for all my rides, reply was always to check my internet connection, which is 100% working…

(Peter Fröschl) #50

Same Problem here :frowning: no Workout is uploaded to Strava and in my Profile I have a somehow strange Workout saved with maximum 50min.

(Reinhard Hauer) #51

Same here, WIN 10, freeride. No saving screen. Location: Austria

(Michael Sternberg) #52

Original same Problems like yours yesterday evening.

(Ingo Waterman) #53

Same issue…
I just started Zwifting last week and managed to get one ride uploaded to Strava already. Yesterday my second ride with Zwift ever was saved on Companion App but NOT uploaded to Strava and Garmin - what a pitty as this was a nice ride :frowning:
After that I tried it a couple of times more but none of these short rides have been uploaded.
Is it a general issue or am I just to blind to see my fault?

(Martin Betz) #54

A issues incl. the miss of last km’s and submit to Garmin, Strava etc.?
I also tried to switch the language. After this the safing screen showed up normally, but no transfer to Garmin and Strava. Also the last km’s of the file downloaded from misses the last km’s…

(Wolfgang Zauner (ZSUN)) #55

Sorry… maybe 5 minutes test was too short then?!
The 5 minutes file saved normally to Strava and Garmin

(Matthias Wolf) #56

Hi, very short rides don´t get synced. I don´t exactly know where the limit is, but may be 5 min…

(Andreas Loibingdorfer #B Box) #57

Any Statement from Zwift Employees would be nice - I think its a huge Issue for us

(Klaus Kirchfeld ZRG ) #58

I saved my race today successfully :slight_smile:
Try the following and let me know if it worked for you too.

After finishin a race or workout the OK buttom appears.
Do not klick it,press fast ESC now the save buttom should come and save your effort.



(Thomas Wittmann) #59

I had the same issue yesterday, when finishing my workout.
Could not save to Strava and no progress in the “Wahoo Climb Mission”.
For a split second the saving popup showed up, then Zwift immediately exited to Windows.

My first guess was that this was caused by me pressing the Stop-Button on the bottom of the Companion app (because the bike did not want to stop rolling down the hill at that moment :see_no_evil: )

Language: German
Windows 10 home (German)
Acer Aspire V17 Nitro (i7, GTX1060)

When will this be fixed? I want to ride again this evening …

(Wolfgang Zauner (ZSUN)) #60

Switch to English in Zwift… at least two of us in Austria were successfull using this workaround for a 90min ride and a 30 min run…