Zwift crashes when launching route or pace partner

Several attempts to launch zwift pace partners and routes including after full pc restart and each time it would go to load the route and then crash.

I know there is an issue with downloading and updating zwift from the east coast (have to connect to a vpn to get uncorrupted files) so might be related.

Hi @Mattie_Vukmir

You mentioned you’re having issues downloading and updating Zwift.

It’s probably best to have Zwift on the current app version before we further explore any app crash issues.

Are you still having issues updating the app? Are you getting any specific error messages?

This is also something Zwift tech support can help you with and I’d suggest you contact us here for further assistance.

I have the latest version downloaded (again after I had to connect to a vpn in california to get correct uncorrupted files). No error message - just went to the blue loading screen for the maps (tried both Makuri and Watopia) and then the app shut down

If you’re using a VPN for Zwift, this is not advisable, so I’d suggest turning that off.

Otherwise, there’s not much else we can do to troubleshoot the app crashes without the tech support team taking a closer look. It would be helpful if you send in your log files, computer specs, and any crash logs.

Again, I’d suggest reaching out to the team if you haven’t already done so.

I’ll do that when it crashes again.

Also for the record, I do not have the VPN on while using the app, however have to have it on when updating the app or reinstalling it. Without it I (and many others) on the East coast have issues downloading the app and installing large updates.