Zwift crashes using the companion app

(Martin Huchel) #1

Hey Zwifters,

since a few updates Zwift crashes during the workout. I use Zwift on Windows with ANT + Stick. In addition I use the Compantion App (IOS) in my workouts.

So I bring Zwift to crash:

  • I ride a workout (Windows PC + ANT + Stick, Compartion App on the IOS device)
  • During the workout, I change the app on the IOS device (for example, mail or messages)
  • Then I switch back to the companion app
  • Then the Companion app makes a reconnect and Zwift crashes.

If I only use the Compantion app and during the workout, Zwift runs stable until the end.

Please help me.

(Thomas Clement) #2

Hi Martin,

I have the same issue. Do you know if a case is opened on the Zwift side to track the resolution? Did you do it?



(Martin Huchel) #3

No, I have not opened a ticket yet. Is a good idea.

(Brad Mitchell (Kiwi Ink)) #4

Hi Martin. Myself and some friends went through the same problem - very frustrating. I don’t use the companion app now and haven’t had a crash in over a month. I wen through 2 tickets before that and sent numerous crash reports in. In the end I don’t really need the companion app anyway. Here is a link to my thread on this issue.

Hope you can work it out.


(David K) #5

As far as we’re aware, disconnections between Zwift and Zwift Companion cannot cause a crash. While Zwift Companion may disconnect on it’s own, Zwift itself should keep on truckin’ like usual.

Now, I’ve seen specific instances where Zwift loses internet connectivity completely, ANT+ or BLE drops-out, then Zwift Companion disconnects all at the same time which can cause a crash, but it’s usually not just Companion disconnecting.

I’d suggest opening an email support ticket with us so we can possibly request a copy of your log files and look into this concern further for you. I’d suspect it’s likely a compound issue.

(Eric Hui) #6

I have to say I do think there is something from the Zwift Companion that is causing the Zwift app to crash.

I have been running Zwift on my iPad air 2 for more than 8 months and never had a crash ever.

I have only recently using the Zwift companion iOS app recently First time on 19th June 2018, and second time yesterday 21st June 2018.

The second time I was using zwift and switching between apps on my iPhone, my Zwift app on my iPad crashed, and I lost my ride (lucky I was only on my warm up)

I do strongly believe there is a link for the Companion causing the app the crash, hence I tried to Google and came to this post.

(David K) #7

Would you mind force-stopping Zwift on your iPad

Then hard-rebooting your iPad:

It’s a good idea to do that once a week just to make sure Zwift doesn’t run sluggishly or crash, but it works just as well for all of your iOS apps

When you’re connecting Zwift Companion, are you ensuring your Mobile Data Network is completely disabled and that your iPhone is unable to connect to any WiFi network aside from the one your iPad is connected to? If your iPhone switches to any other network, it’ll fail to connect with Zwift and will disconnect any sensors paired through it.

(Eric Hui) #8

Hi David,

Thank you for your help.

I haven’t tried to turn off my mobile data network when using zwift since my home have really bad reception with the mobile network and most of the time I won’t be to even make a phone call.  My wifi do have both 2.5 and 5ghz frequency but they are the same network, not sure if that matters, but they should both be able to communicate fine since they are still on the same network with the same range of IP address.

I have send my log to my other support ticket to see what happens, hopefully it will get resolved.

(Martin Huchel) #9

Hi Guys,
I deleted the companion app on my iPhone. After that I have installed new app and connected the sensors via bluetooth.
Since then I have no more crashes on the PC.
The only thing is that I often have to enter my access data on the iPhone.
Maybe it helps.