Zwift crashes during group ride for many

Just half an hour ago Zwift crashed on Herd Thirsty Thursday ride. When I joined pace partner Maria, we discovered that there were several of us.

Following the thirsty thursday group chat, the timing of the crash was related to one of the sweeps trying the coffee stop icon. Not sure if it is a bug related to this or whether it was a wider outage.


It happened during my coffee shop test and I noticed zwift logging continued for ~30 secs with group chats recorded (zwift window already closed on my side). And many others crashed out of the ride after that time.

From the chatter it seems that the coffee stop has issues outside Watopia, so it may have nothing to do with a sweep activating it. My initial guess was that Zwift may be pacing a coffee-stopped rider based on yellow and/or red beacons but this is perhaps not the case. Discovery of issues is always fun.