Zwift Crashes Cape Epic

I have been using zwift for a couple of months and recently with the Cape Epic im getting crashes from my iPhone at the start of the race… once you are the start the app crashes… this is extremely frustrating, went in a couple of time and the same result. Using a other device is pointless if i have been riding zwift almost every second third day? Updated to the most recent zwift software. If the event cannot handle the number of people CREATE more races in a day more frequently to spread the number of people participating in the event.

Please attend to the matter as priority since this is not in line of great customer experience.

Which iPhone and which version of the OS?

14.4 and just initiated 14.4.1 which is a 127mb update which was released a few days ago. On the 14.4 version i have been on for quite some time and with zwift without any issues.

Kind Regards,

Iphone 8