Zwift crashed on shutdown

Windows application. After a workout when ending the ride the program crashed (see screenshot below)


The ride was succesfully uploaded to Strava and the log also looks fine (copy pasted the last part of it below), so this is low priority, but I guess you still want to fix it.

[21:41:30] Profile: shutdown

[21:41:30] Profile bike distance: 2689895

[21:41:31] Analytics logged

[21:41:31] User profile updated

[21:41:32] NETCLIENT:[INFO] Auxiliary Controller shutting down io_service keep alive loop

[21:41:32] NETCLIENT:[INFO] Auxiliary Controller stopped

[21:41:32] NETCLIENT:[INFO] Logged out

[21:41:32] Logout Successful.

[21:41:32] BLE  : UnpairAllPairedDevices

[21:41:32] Streamer: Shutdown() - Cache used = 0.00 KB of 5120 KB (0.00 MB)