Zwift crashed on iPad and can’t get it to work again

(Richard Zanetti ZHR (E)) #1

i was 75% through the mega pretzel which zwift suddenly crashed. It took about 30 minutes before it would re run. 

I get a page telling be my ride was intrupted before I could save and would I like to resume. I answer yes. I then got a box telling me there was an error and I couldn’t resume I now a get t corrupted version of the start page that won’t respond.

What should I do? I also want to save my ride to strava.



(Richard Zanetti ZHR (E)) #2

It now is working for a new ride, but good to understand how I can save my intrupted ride to strava. I am running zwift on an iPad. Thanks

(Jeff Webber) #3

I had the same problem today in the middle of the Gran Fondo.  Throughout the first half, it kept locking up for 15 sec to 2 min.  Ended up riding off the back of the pack by myself until it locked up completed and had to bail.  I have a new iPad Pro and never had a problem before.

(P. adrone TT1 [WKG] B) #4

Same issue here after 13 km of the Bambino Fondo. First a couple of lock ups (up to a minute) and then the app crashed completely (running on a new iPad Pro). I’m still not able to log in normally (getting stuck in the “ride was interrupted” page) and also not able to access my rides on Wondering if it has anything to do with running the companion app at the same time. Yesterdays Garneau ride wasn’t saved either…

(Dawn Stakounis) #5

I had a problem using my Ipad today - constantly kept freezing every few seconds and then restarting. I ended up riding for 70 minutes but it recorded 40 minutes worth…very frustrating. I decided to bale and save what it recorded, I went through the process and it didnt save anything except when I go onto my PC it shows 8 miles ridden today. Nothing on Strava or on my companion. Very frustrating I must say!

(Nick Brennan) #6

Same for me on the bambino. Completed the ride in a decent time but its not recorded the last 10k and I’ve lost all the stats. Very annoying when this is a paid subscription app.


|never encountered an issue on the smaller group rides - do Zwift have the necessary infrastructure in place to support 700+ simultaneous users?