Zwift crashed during the ZRL ->

Yesterday I rode the ZRL, got some points for the team for FAL and FTS. I went all out the first two laps before getting cramps all over the place. I had to pedal very easy to the finish and do some small stops to get rid of my cramps. I wanted to bring those points home for the team (2x #3 for FAL and 1x #4 for FTS)
In the almost end I saw to be riding at last position. I was thinking, the only thing that can happen is a system crash. A few minutes later it got me at 4 km to go. I kept pedaling for some time as I still saw some movement in time at Zwift, hoping it kept recording. When I stopped I tried to get life in the active windows. Some could be closed but in the end I had to force a reboot.
Then I got a

Can it somehow be recovered to Zwift and ZwiftPower?
I know I didn’t finish. I was last and kept pedaling, so it’s logical to be last. But not bringing home those points is soo bad… I have made a picture of the freezing screen:

I guess you can find my Zwift ID as I have logged in here to create this ticket :wink:

I’m afraid there’s no chance that you will be reinstated on ZRL, because your race data is incomplete.

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