Zwift crash (win 10) during rapha rising 2

Zwift crashed 1 1/2 hrs into rapha rising 2.
Zwift version=“1.0.100456” sversion=“1.22.4 (100456)”
First ever Zwift crash on this system in 2yrs
Win 10 (latest updates)
AMD Ryzen 5 340G
GTX 1650 Super

Hi @g_taylor Gearoid,

Based on the little bit of information you shared, it seems you’re using a fairly high end gaming PC with a discreet NVIDIA GPU, so it’s difficult to say why the app crashed. I checked your account, and it seems you’re using graphics driver version 511.79, which is the latest release from NVIDIA for your specific GPU.

If it was just a one-off crash, it’s likely not cause for concern, but if it keeps happening, then I suggest you contact the Zwift tech support team and we’ll investigate.

In order for us to best assist you, please be sure to send us your log files, your full computer specs, and your Windows Event Viewer crash logs (preferably the 7-day crash report if it’s been longer than 24 hours since the app crashed).

You can reach us here.

My app just crashed in stage 3 Rapha rising that started at 1500 Mountain time. Lame and a waste of time and money to try to do a series if it is a no score. I opened it back up and it supposedly captured last point and I kept going.

Hi @Heather_Baumgartner

It looks like you use a Samsung Android device for Zwift, so that’s going to be a different circumstance with different troubleshooting.

I’d suggest you send our tech support team a request for help, and we’re happy to take a closer look at your account + Zwift setup, and assist you.

You can reach us here.