Zwift Crash, restart, all OK, but data to Strava corrupt

Twice on the same ride Zwift crashed and I restarted the app and picked up where I’d left. The first time it told me the ride was “unrecoverable” but my mileage was still there. The second time I noted I had just turned music on while connected to my bluetooth JBL speacker sitting 2ft away from my iPhone which was my Zwifting app (being sent to a TV via cord). When I opened Strava it only showed 5 mi of the 15+ that Zwift had recorded. Saving the Zwift data and manually importing to Strava did not change it. Distance and Elevation gain also failed to be imported correctly and even manually the elevation did not get recorded correctly. Very odd…I’m sure the failure to move data from Zwift (which did record it correctly) to Strava had -something- to do with Zwift crashing but dunno what…and I suspect the bluetooth speaker may have been involved just because of timing but maybe a coincidence?