Zwift Crash after Giro di Castelli start

(Edwin Thaves) #1

Zwift crashed a few minutes after the start of this evening’s (5:32 pm CT) Giro di Castelli. Not able to sign back in. Getting messaging to check my Internet connection and then message that account can’t be found. No issues with Internet connection.

(Knut Thalmann) #2

Same issue. I am currently also not able to log in.

(Marc Dew) #3



(Paul Allen) #4

Zwift is aware of the issues and are working on them.

(John Quick) #5

same here. crashed at the start

(Edwin Thaves) #6

Maybe Zwift should work on making sure the issues don’t occur in the first place.


(Richard Jodoin #HauteRoute_Asheville) #7


Check this site whenever there is an issue.  Seems to be updated on the spot.

(Ted Noneman ZBR (D)) #8

I checked the status site and it indicated they were 100% up.  NOT.

(Richard Jodoin #HauteRoute_Asheville) #9

Odd, when I checked I saw this:


login Issues


Investigating  - We are currently investigating this issue. 
Feb 7, 23:53 UTC


Then later I saw this added:


Monitoring  - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results. 
Feb 8, 00:05 UTC

(David Kretz) #10

Same for me. Also, it defaulted me to Group A. How do I choose Group B or any group?


(Joe Taylor WBR (C)) #11

(Artur Kubinski) #12

David Kretz  — Mobile link app.  

(Andreas Rüdel) #13

@David: As Arthur said, use the mobile link. From the main game it’s a bit tricky, you need to click on the the letter (A, B or C) ‘inside’ the “JOIN” button.