Zwift course 2018 UCI Worlds Short Lap

Yesterday I went on a Zwift ride in Insbruck, I took 2018 UCI Worlds Short Lap. The overview says "23,6 km, 247 m altitude.
In realtity it was nearly 500 m altitide. It ist not the only course with wrong given altitude, it’s also in London and Watopia.

What were you looking at? This is a screenshot, from today, from like right now, which I just took.

Overview states correct data?

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Screenshot from yesterday

Is your Zwift app the latest version?

If you take a screenshot today, does it show the same incorrect information?

The App is the latest version. Today I can’t see Innsbruck, but I know, that the course "Greatest London Loop), 25,9 km, 179 m altitude, has more then 300.