Zwift Conspiracy Theory (Just for Laughs)

It may be obvious to most that thousands of people are training on Zwift everyday. Not only does Zwift improve your physical abilities, but it has many teaching tools to improve your mental aspects of training. In a way it could be said that Zwift is training you. Aside from profit and potentially the benefit of mankind have you ever stopped to ask why? Why is Zwift training you? Breadcrumbs are left through the game and if you know where to find them it will lead you to the true purpose. “Watopia” is advertised as a created world. What if I told you that the real location exists at coordinates -11.668317 lat, 166.905513 long? It is located Northeast off the coast of Austrailia Southwest of the Solomon Islands. From a triathletes perspective the only event Zwift does not train us in is swimming. I propose Watopia is a real world Utopia in which only the best of the best and smartest to follow the breadcrumbs to SWIM to the location will be admitted. (disclaimer: please don’t actually swim there)

In a Galaxy long time ago…

The recent 4ft tsunami happened close to here.