Zwift Concept Z1 - Unique Seat Post?

Having earned my Concept Z1 bike only a month ago, I have not see the seat post glow on any bike other than my own. Is that a feature enabling you to pick yourself out in the peloton, or was it added to the bike by Zwift later?

Insights appreciated.

It may just be the angle of that photo.

Looking at my ride from this morning I see 3 seat-posts glow. Zwift running on Windows 10

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Thanks Gerrie - you have a history on this forum of consistently helpful posts. :+1:

Thought for a moment I inadvertently unlocked some type of in game ‘Easter egg’.

Ride on.


It’s more likely the non-lit seatpost is the odd one out. =)

Thanks Daren - May be quirk then of the graphics as displayed on Apple 4K TV.

Will continue my pursuit of route badges, and not give it another thought :wink:

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Indeed he does!

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It may be a Apple TV thing, Today a friend of mine mentioned that Sprint jerseys don’t display next to her name on ATV as it does on Mac and Windows.

Thanks, we are just trying to help where we can. Zwift is such a great platform.