Zwift Companion v3.50 [September 2023]

Hi Zwifters - here are the latest updates to Zwift Companion version 3.50.


  • Made several localization improvements,
  • Fixed an issue where “firmware update available” message shows after updating firmware,


  • Fixed an issue where activity name was not preserved when ending activity from Zwift Companion.
  • Improved the ownership change dialog for Clubs,
  • Fixed auto-scrolling issue when viewing training plan details,
  • Fixed an issue where event settings in a Clubs workout displayed invalid options,
  • Fixed an issue where push notifications for new Group Workouts did not include date,
  • Fixed an issue where event details for duration or distance were not defaulted in Club Workouts,

UPDATE September 11 Companion app v 3.50.1 (iOS only)

  • Improved firmware update performance for Zwift hardware.

Do you know if this was the issue where people got the date as the ride name when saving via Companion?

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Just tested it with an iPad running Zwift and Android phone running Companion. Also tested with a full ride using AppleTV (2022).

Yep, Companion v3.50 appears to fix that specific issue.

Yes, that’s one of the fixed issues in v 3.50. I updated that thread.

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Is there any development going on with the Apple Watch app to fix the heart rate syncing issues? When the Apple Watch app connects to the iOS companion app, it’s great but it’s really hard to get them to connect together and share HR data. Sometimes it connects on the first try, other times it takes 10 minutes of trying.


As far as I know the Apple Watch app was completely dropped from support

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That’s sad news.

iPhone users please note a patch for the Companion app v3.50.1 has been released.

Has anything changed re the notifications? It won’t let me select “add reminder” and “set as default” for events…

Hi @Martin_Owen

I asked and we’re not aware of any recent changes that would affect the reminder. This might be silly, but are you aware that the ability to set reminders won’t show if your event is 15 minutes or less in the future?

Yeah I’m aware :smiling_face: so for instance I have an event in 4 days I’ve added. There are no options set on reminder. I click set reminder, 30 mins and set as default and ok. I go back in, and the options have cleared again

Any chance we could have a dismiss function for sections we are not interested in on the companion app homescreen?

Tour of Watopia and the Zwift Play Firmware update are taking up a large part of the screen and pushing things I am interested in below the fold.

I’m not interesting in Tour of Watopia, I won’t be riding it so it should be possible to have a dismiss option that will permanently remove it unless I enable it via settings again.

Add in Explore and that’s more space gone - that’s another one that could be able to be hidden if people aren’t interested in it.

Hmm. I don’t have that ToW section.

And I’m guessing that the firmware update section will go when the update is applied?

Press X on the firmware update section and it will go away.

And I think you must have signed up for ToW or it wouldn’t be showing.


Is it possible that the “firmware update available” is still an issue on AppleTV version of Zwift. Well, I have it …, while the Swift Hub has had its firmware updated!
Zwift version 1.56.0 (jan 10 2024)
Hub version v5. 2.0 (sept 2023)
Click V1.1.0
Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?